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plasma or lcd?

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TracyK Mon 21-Mar-05 19:00:48

any bargains out there - or any really fab TVs you know about.
Our normal TV has died and needs replacing.

NomDePlume Mon 21-Mar-05 19:02:46

LCD are good but DO NOT get an LCD Rear Projection. We bought an all-singing all danving Sony one, without realising that the bulbs in them blow with alarming regularity (had ours less than 2 years and had 3 replacements), they cost an enormous £370 each to buy . They are considered a 'consumable' so are not covered by warranties

MistressMary Mon 21-Mar-05 19:04:04

LCD screen, my OH reckons.

giraffeski Mon 21-Mar-05 19:04:42

Message withdrawn

giraffeski Mon 21-Mar-05 19:05:05

Message withdrawn

Hulababy Tue 22-Mar-05 16:53:06

LCD is better quality but still much more expensive, at least for a large one.

We have a big Sony Plasma screen which is great. The picture is excellent quality. It is also incredibly thin - there is little depth to it at all. It's DH's pride and joy

gingerbear Tue 22-Mar-05 17:05:30

best quality 'normal' TV around at the moment

BIL loves his to bits. The picture quality is far superior to LCD and better than smaller screen plasmas.

iota Tue 22-Mar-05 17:12:59

have a look on pricerunner or kelkoo - Sony plasma 42" TV for under £2K - we've had one for a couple of years and paid more than that!


TracyK Thu 24-Mar-05 08:49:41

we ended up getting a hitachi 42" plasma for £899 plus vat. But what I didn't realise was that it is a plasma SCREEN not a TV. which is ok as we have a sky box - but I just assumed it'd be a TV as well.
But the blooming thing is HUGE!

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