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Chocolate parasol

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ggglimpopo Mon 21-Mar-05 13:25:18

Message withdrawn

gingerbear Mon 21-Mar-05 13:33:00

thought this was a joke!

Like a chocolate fireguard

AuntyQuated Mon 21-Mar-05 13:34:42

snap gb

ggglimpopo Mon 21-Mar-05 13:41:11

Message withdrawn

Marina Mon 21-Mar-05 13:41:46

Snap you two. Will case the joint in Johnny LouLous for you next time I'm there gggl.

Marina Mon 21-Mar-05 13:43:09

Would a white, broderie anglaise, adjustable, ruinously expensive, high protection-lined, sun canopy, be a suitable alternative gggl? Barely used, quite pretty description notwithstanding.

ggglimpopo Mon 21-Mar-05 13:44:05

Message withdrawn

Twiglett Mon 21-Mar-05 13:46:06

actually I think a dark coloured parasol is probably not that good an idea .. light colours reflect heat / dark colours absorb it and could make it really hot

and wouldn't she look like a chocolate roll?

and if the Bebe Comfort people don't make them then it won't match perfectly anyway

I'd go for a totally different colour .. cream maybe to complement

oo get me

ggglimpopo Mon 21-Mar-05 13:47:47

Message withdrawn

gingerbear Mon 21-Mar-05 13:48:42

or orange - She could be a little Chocolate orange
or mint - a little mint aero
or....OK I'll stop now.

Marina Mon 21-Mar-05 13:49:31

Oh no, free to good home! Seriously. I think it was about £40 five years ago. We didn't use it much as by the time I installed it ds was old enough to be able to pull on it and sproing it into my face. Dd is now exactly that age and therefore also likely to attack it.
I don't think this caveat applies to Mlle gggl.
If you are interested, I'll need to hoick it out, check it is still in good condition, and then if you are in/passing through London I can hand it over. I'm not giving it a good press but it is actually very sweet and does have this high UV lining - it's not just lacy cotton.

ggglimpopo Mon 21-Mar-05 13:50:40

Message withdrawn

Marina Mon 21-Mar-05 13:51:37

I'll start ferretting about then and CAT you in the next few days.

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