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Mothercare urban detour - where do you get inner tubes from?

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hotpotmama Wed 03-Dec-08 21:28:21

I looked on ebay and they all said silver cross urban detour inner tubes, which I don't understand cos its mothercare that makes the pram (I think).

Would these ones fit if I got them?


hotpotmama Wed 03-Dec-08 21:38:25


twinklytoes Thu 04-Dec-08 06:49:32

try mothercare - they've got a catalogue of spare parts you can order.

if that was the title on the ebay listing then its probable that the inner tube fits the urban detour and a silver cross?

hotpotmama Thu 04-Dec-08 22:04:29

thanks twinkly, yes you are right about fitting both. Was having a thick moment (again!).

Have ordered the ebay ones now. smile

superloopy Thu 04-Dec-08 22:10:25

I got inner tubes from a pram shop but had them fitted at a bike shop. The guy in the bike shop said that they also sell the inner tubes and they were cheaper than the pram shop ones.

sasamax Fri 05-Dec-08 17:49:55

I think the tyre should tell you the size of tube needed in most cases (and it's usually 12" I think)

mckenzie Fri 05-Dec-08 17:52:19

I always bought mine from the local bike shop (and got them fitted/fixed there).

thexmasstockingmonsterofdoom Fri 05-Dec-08 17:53:41

bike shop or halfoprds.

TipsyFairydifferentID Fri 05-Dec-08 17:57:42

if you order through mothercare they can take a couple of weeks to come through, so if you need them now go to a bike shop.

hotpotmama Fri 05-Dec-08 21:24:39

A friend has told me to get my tyres filled with gel instead of air at a bike shop as then when you get a puncture, it doesn't go flat. Never heard of that before tho.

rose19 Sun 06-Sep-09 21:47:47

i need to get hold of a handle grip for an urban detour travel system. its the old model though any ideas where i can get hold of one?

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