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help! my kiddyguard retractable stairgate won't retract!

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wideratthehips Wed 03-Dec-08 18:01:34

was retracting said gate and my skirt got caught in it, so pulled it all the way out and now it wont go back in...i can wind it back in by hand but if you release the button at the top to pull it out the whole thing springs out so there is no tension.

its about six months old....can't remember where i got it from (the internet)

the website doesn't offer any helpful suggestions.....blub, please help...its vital...stops access into the kitchen

wideratthehips Wed 03-Dec-08 19:46:50


Lotster Sun 07-Dec-08 16:41:16

Hi, not had this problem with mine but you could try Lascal's UK distributor:

Cheeky Rascals Ltd.
Stone Barn, The Brows
Farnham Road, Liss
Hampshire, GU33 6JG
Phone: +44 (0)1730 895 761

Fax: +44 (0)1730 897 549


Office hours:
Mon-Fri: 09.00 - 17.00 GMT
Sat-Sun: Closed


Abbymoule Sun 06-Mar-16 14:03:45

Hi Widerthehips,
I know this is a long shot as this post was 8 years ago but i'm having the same problem with my Kiddyguard 800 and wondered if you were ever able to solve the problem? I've contacted Kiddyguard and they said it has been discontinued and were not much help!
Thanks in advance,
Abby x

b0h0mama Fri 12-May-17 09:35:14

Hi all,
I was searching yesterday for information on fixing a non-retracting Kiddy Guard retractable gate and came across this thread.
I know this may not be relevant for you now given the time gone by since posting but it may still help out others in the future.

After finding zero information on the internet to help resolve the gate issue and reading about the above lack of customer service from the manufacturer, I decided to take my gate apart to see if I could figure it out and repair it. Good news!!! It can be resolved, at least with the older model!
I have added photos for reference along with the 'how to' below.

Restore tension for non-retracting retractable gate.

- first of all, remove the gate from it's fixed position as you will need to turn it upside down
- on the underside of the lower casing you should see a + screwdriver head shape and through that a metal pin should be visible
- using a large + screwdriver or a pair of snipe nose pliers (I used the pliers as the screwdriver head chewed the plastic), you need to turn the metal pin clockwise several times, it should make a clicking sound, this is tightening the spring tension as you would do with a roller blind
- check if your gate is now operating normally, if not, repeat process until you are happy with the tension

If you have any problems with the upper function of the gate: the press/slide button, this should be fixable too.

- look on the under side of the upper casing, you should see two tiny slits
- using a small flat screwdriver, gently push on the visible clips until the top part of the casing releases and carefully remove it, you will need to watch for two plastic fittings and a very small spring which may be loose
- the small end of the spring should be attached to a tiny plastic peg and when correctly positioned, the larger end of the spring will be against the cylinder part of the gate
- re-position the smaller plastic fitting with spring attached so that the spring is as described above and the vertical plastic peg is narrow end up and sat in it's hollow moulding
- ensure that the rivet on the other end of this is able to lock on the cog wheel
- take the second plastic piece which is rounded at one end and align this over the centre of the cog wheel, ensuring the notch on the previous piece of plastic is slotted through the 'L' shaped opening (please refer to photo)
- you should now be ready to carefully clip the upper casing back in place, ensure that you check for the alignment of the small peg which slots in upper casing and you will need to press & slide the open/close button so that this also slots into the 'L' shape opening
- ensure casing is secure

All being well, you should now have a smooth operating gate restored to it's former functionality!

I hope this helps! smile

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