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Can you find this product for me from Lakeland?

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Yorkiegirl Sun 20-Mar-05 22:01:06

Message withdrawn

misdee Sun 20-Mar-05 22:03:25

is it like a rubber mesh?

Yorkiegirl Sun 20-Mar-05 22:04:25

Message withdrawn

JanH Sun 20-Mar-05 22:07:26

Not Lakeland but is this it?

JanH Sun 20-Mar-05 22:09:34

Or this one? (Twice as much though, but made to fit.)

Yorkiegirl Sun 20-Mar-05 22:09:44

Message withdrawn

JanH Sun 20-Mar-05 22:19:12

Bigger? That one looks huge to me!

Yorkiegirl Sun 20-Mar-05 22:20:47

Message withdrawn

JanH Sun 20-Mar-05 22:21:37

Oh, I was talking about the blue one. It's shown in the back of an estate car - must be big enough for a Zaf!

Yorkiegirl Sun 20-Mar-05 22:22:30

Message withdrawn

JanH Sun 20-Mar-05 22:26:37

They don't seem to have it though - not on-line anyway. Maybe you should detour home from Blackpool via Handforth? (Or ring them?)

Yorkiegirl Sun 20-Mar-05 22:27:29

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl Mon 21-Mar-05 18:03:25

Message withdrawn

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