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Story / Music tapes for children

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fairydust Sun 20-Mar-05 18:16:02

Anyone know a good site that does story / music tapes for little ones.

morocco Sun 20-Mar-05 21:50:14

just boring old amazon - they have some that are better than elc anyway - you could try 'all aboard the runaway train' for classic singalong stuff.

Hulababy Sun 20-Mar-05 22:02:04

Do you want anything in particular FD?

I am not sure about online but shops that sell some good ones include ELC and M&S. The M&S ones in particular we have been very impressed with.

MadameButterfly Sun 20-Mar-05 22:07:44

Woolworths occaisonally sell Paragon book and tape sets.

Weatherwax Sun 20-Mar-05 23:16:25

I always keep a look out for story tapes and never really find enough to keep the mummy bordom at bay. Pretty princess at ELC is a firm favorite with my two and winnie the Pooh read by Bernard Cribbins from Amazon I like. My mum found a lovely paddington bear at her locaal book shop. I admit that some of the lovest tapes I have found have been in cheap bookshops, they have obviously been remaindered and they have really good narrators, like Jon Pertwee. I'd love to find somewhere that do more tapes that he read.

Sorry a bit long winded way of saying I have thje same problem!

Evesmama Sun 20-Mar-05 23:17:48

elc's own are great and they do dvd's too, although irritating to adults dd lurves hers

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