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Lucycat Sun 20-Mar-05 14:49:44

Help, my Tesco discount codes that I've tried to use from Hotdeals aren't working! You've saved my bacon (shopping pun there!!) before, what am I doing wrong! help please, time is running out on my Easter slot!

nutcracker Sun 20-Mar-05 14:53:50

Have you tried this one ??

XX-QQTV £15 off 24/4/05

Lucycat Sun 20-Mar-05 14:58:59

Yes, I've tried

and even 8g697rzhmdr8

Nothing works anymore boo hoo

nutcracker Sun 20-Mar-05 15:03:55

Hmm wonder if they have got wise to it .

How much off do you need ??

Lucycat Sun 20-Mar-05 15:06:20

Anything will do! I've spent over £50 so most of the codes should work!

nutcracker Sun 20-Mar-05 15:06:42

XX £5 off your groceries FCBTZ8MYX7YC 04/09/2005

that any good ???

Lucycat Sun 20-Mar-05 15:09:26

Nope not valid! Looks like I'm going to have to bite the bullet and pay the full whack

nutcracker Sun 20-Mar-05 15:10:15

Oh no, thats weird. That one is saved in my tesco account so i thought it would work.

God i won't be happy if i have to pay full whack either.

Lucycat Sun 20-Mar-05 15:12:25

Perhaps they really are all personalised now, as they tell you on the website! I just might email them and tell them I'd like some money off please, they are usually quite good at giving refunds etc - if you don't ask,.....

nutcracker Sun 20-Mar-05 15:18:57

Worth a try i'd say.

Gobbledigook Sun 20-Mar-05 15:54:44

Lucycat - I've just used 2QQTVV6GCX2H and it took £15 off my shopping (spent over £50) - got the code from Pixiefish the other day! Thanks Pixiefish

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