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hair straaighteners. advice please

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stitch Sun 20-Mar-05 09:55:06

which is the best wet 2 dry one. and where can i buy from?
oh, and how much should i spend on it.
thought id delve into the wealth of information here from real people, not markting stuff.
so please help.

stitch Sun 20-Mar-05 10:12:02


Beetroot Sun 20-Mar-05 10:14:37

Message withdrawn

ja9 Sun 20-Mar-05 10:30:28

my dh spent £90 on wet 2 straight ones for me for xmas. was really disappointed with them - they tugged my hair a lot. took them back &got ghd ones instead. they r ace... they glide...

fairycakes Sun 20-Mar-05 10:42:10

how curly is your hair? i have never tried the wet to straight ones as i cant really see how they work without burning your hair?

i would say that ghd ones are by far the best, but tey are very expensive. i have got very very curly frizzy hair, and i couldnt afford ghd ones, but i use fransen futura ones and they do a really good job, they were only about £30 and i bought my first pair from my hairdresser, and they lasted 3 years, i recently bought another pair as the sping went, and i bought them from HTH

stitch Sun 20-Mar-05 11:35:31

thanks, ill check out the website.
i have quite straight hair anyways. but does have an annoying wave to it. also the white hairs are frizzy. and sadly there are more everyday.

Newbarnsleygirl Sun 20-Mar-05 11:37:56

I keep looking at those JML ones. I know they look a bit cheapy but they have Titanium plates and they're meant to be better than the ceramic. I think they're £40. I've heard the glass ones are good as well.

babyburps Sun 20-Mar-05 23:30:50

just got some babyliss glass plates from argos but ds hasn't given me opportunity to try them yet, will get back to you! heard good things, box says they can be used on wet hair also. brought them for half price, not bad as usually 80.00! think offer just ended tho sorry!

sallystrawberry Sun 20-Mar-05 23:43:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

stitch Mon 21-Mar-05 17:59:52

thanks all . my sis has bought me some corioliss ceramic plate ones as a very early birthdya present..

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