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Help: Kitchen recommendations please!

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galaxy Sat 19-Mar-05 20:41:37

Decided we need to update out kitchen. It's only 2.7m by 1.6 and we went to MFI today and were quoted £6k incl fitting(after 20% sale discount) for a Schreiber kitchen. It was one of their cheapest ranges and basic worktop. Did include single oven, ceramic hob and slimline dishwasher but I think that's a hell of a lot for such a small kitchen isn't it? We still need to get tiles, flooring and lighting on top of this.

Anyone else got any recommendations - ideally like to keep it below £4500 including applicances.

milward Sat 19-Mar-05 20:45:57

Our friends had an ikea kitchen - don't know the price but it wasn't expensive. Looked great.

TracyK Sat 19-Mar-05 20:51:50

wouldn't pay for MFI to install - expensive and crappy!
how much were they quoting for installing.
Is the Hygena range not cheaper? the schrieber one come rigid rather than flat packed.

galaxy Sat 19-Mar-05 20:53:27

Haven't got an IKEa close enought to us but thanks

galaxy Sat 19-Mar-05 20:54:42

They wanted £1250 to install. Hygena was cheaper overall but the only Hygena one we really liked was more expensive.

TracyK Sat 19-Mar-05 20:58:48

Because the schrieber is rigid - it is easy to install. Screw it to the wall and bung the front door on it. I'm sure you'd get a local carpenter/joiner to install it for half the price and do a much better job too. I reckon 2 days work at the most.
We got an MFI kitchen - but it was no where near that price for units.
They told us that they rotate the discounts - so if your preferred range has only 20% this month -the next time round it may have the 45% discount. May be prudent to wait?
I didn't find anyone cheaper than MFI when I was looking.

galaxy Sat 19-Mar-05 21:03:23

Thanks TraceyK. They all have 20% off at the moment and that is off everything incl fitting and applicances. We thought about getting an independent to fit it but then we've got the problem of storing it or trying to co-ordinate delivery and installation on the same day. It all seems like so much hassle and I'm obviously behind the times in my idea of how much these things cost!

JanH Sat 19-Mar-05 21:03:27

galaxy, google Howdens and see if anything local to you comes up. They are MFI's trade kitchens so local joiners/fitters etc can buy and fit them (you can't buy, trade only), supposed to be v good and cheaper.

Or if you know a fitter (ask around) see what make they recommend.

A well-fitted IKEA kitchen can be very good though...

Munchkinola Sat 19-Mar-05 21:07:50

Hi I just ordered an MFI kitchen about the same size and it was about same price as you would like.

Fitted (by the bloke who did Jamie Olivers apparently) with fridge oven hob slimline dishwasher.

Schrieber doors on flat pack units reduced it by 500, then I took quote elsewhere to be price matched and went back to MFI and they took another 300 off

Worth a try

CarrieG Sat 19-Mar-05 21:08:05

Just had ours done - Howdens, fitted by local builder.

Kitchen was about £1.5k, another £700 for fitting - got appliances separately.

Very pleased with results!

Munchkinola Sat 19-Mar-05 21:08:20

I was Howdens I went to for second quote

TracyK Sat 19-Mar-05 21:08:34

Blooming heck - £1250 to fit is inlcuding 20% discount!
Can you not install during the summer and leave the units in the garden covered in tarpauline?
or agree - howdens are good, get whoever you are fitting it to buy for you and then you can co-ordinate delivery/fitting.
or try Wickes/B&Q etc they all do more or less the same kitchens - or get Moben in for a laugh! I'm sure you wouldn't get change out of £15k

galaxy Sat 19-Mar-05 21:09:24

Do you mean you got Hygena cabinets with Schreiber doors?

Soothepoo Sat 19-Mar-05 21:11:04

Definitely check out the prices of appliances on the internet. We've recently installed a new kitchen, and bought Baumatic applicances from Trade Appliances and \link{\QED). The delivery was quick and the appliances themselves are great. We got the kitchen units from a local furniture store. I thought they would be very expensive, as they have a rather posh showroom, but they were much cheaper than MFI/Magnet/Homebase/B & Q (I got a lot of quotations). Is there a store like that near you? (If you live near Bedford, I can give you their name). Do you know anyone who could install them for you - local papers often have adverts for handymen.

Munchkinola Sat 19-Mar-05 21:11:25

They are called coruna if that helps, not sure if thats hygena.

The fitter says flat packed is better cos half the time they take schrieber ones to pieces to fit awkward bits of the room

Soothepoo Sat 19-Mar-05 21:14:14


TracyK Sat 19-Mar-05 21:16:25

hey soothepoo - do you live near bedford then? so do i

galaxy Sat 19-Mar-05 21:19:13

dh just told me that Optiplan are coming out on Tuesday evening but expect they'll be even more expensive. The only appliances we have in the kitchen are the dishwasher, the oven and hob so it's not like we have fridge freezer/washer, dryer etc!

That's interesting about the fitter's comments on Schreiber. I guess I need to contact a local company to see what they can do. No Howden's coming up round Farnham.

JanH Sat 19-Mar-05 21:24:47

kitchen buyers' guide, surrey - any help? (doesn't say Farnham...)

JanH Sat 19-Mar-05 21:26:47

kitchen installers, S London & Surrey

galaxy Sat 19-Mar-05 21:29:19

Thanks Janh that's kind of you

Soothepoo Sat 19-Mar-05 21:35:27

TraceyK - actually in Bedford. Whereabouts are you?

TracyK Sun 20-Mar-05 07:00:26

soo - just outside in cople!

GeorginaA Sun 20-Mar-05 10:08:24

We're currently having one fitted from Wickes (have our own fitters though - our builder) and it's looking FANTASTIC! Really nice - they have anti-slam thingymabobs on the doors too, very clever.

Payney Mon 21-Mar-05 11:52:42

We also had our kitchen from Howdens - was actually a Hygena one so went to see it at MFI then got our builder to order it from Howdens and install it. Had it for £1300 I think plus a few hundred to install. Was very pleased with it.

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