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pram canopy

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starlover Sat 19-Mar-05 17:22:40

does anyone know where I can buy a proper pram canopy? I have a parasol which I hate because I have to keep moving it around.
I need a big rectangular one which will cover the whole pram.... I am sure that there must be one that goes with my babystyle pram, but can't find one anywhere

Pinotmum Sat 19-Mar-05 17:23:52

I bought one in Mothercare World a couple of years ago. They must still do them.

Pinotmum Sat 19-Mar-05 17:27:00

I have just looked on their website and they have 2 types - generic and 3 wheeler type - price range £18/20.00. Sorry can't do links

starlover Sat 19-Mar-05 17:29:33

ooh thanks... the pram I have has a removable hood... and I am sure that it must come off for a reason, which is why I think they do a matching canopy!

But I think I'll probably have to get the mothercare one... not sure if it'll fit though

jangly Sat 19-Mar-05 17:38:05

These people do one in navy or grey.
You need to scroll down a bit.

kbaby Sat 19-Mar-05 21:57:50

I got a mamas and papas one last year from toys r us. 19.00 pound I think they fit any type of pram.

starlover Sun 20-Mar-05 08:31:01

i have decided to be a cheapskate and get one off ebay.
Then if it doesn't fit the pram it doesn't really matter!

Thanks for all the help though!

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