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Unusual Highchair?

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KatieMac Fri 18-Mar-05 22:55:37

I childmind and regularily have 2 or 3 weaning babies to feed. Having to lean over and feed these little dots in their bouncy chairs is killing my back. But obviously they can't go in a high chair - they can't sit up well enough.

So Mumsnetters is there a bouncy type chair that is higher so I can sit properly......or is there an alternative

BTW - I can't put the bouncy chair on the table/worksurface - OFSTED would have a fit

blodwen Fri 18-Mar-05 22:58:20

I usually sit on a stool! I suppose you could use buggies? A bit higher anyway.

Tetley Fri 18-Mar-05 22:59:18

There's a Prima Papa (& Mamas & Papas) one where the seat reclines - so you an put a 4-5 month old in it. We had one & it was great. Look on Mothercare - I'm sure they'll have something

Yorkiegirl Fri 18-Mar-05 23:00:06

Message withdrawn

HUNKERMUNKER Fri 18-Mar-05 23:00:25

If they can't sit up, they shouldn't be being weaned Give their mothers the new guidelines and presto! (Sorry, I realise this may sound flippant, but it is a valid point)

Yorkiegirl Fri 18-Mar-05 23:00:39

Message withdrawn

blodwen Fri 18-Mar-05 23:02:31

Quite a lot of babies don't sit up til 8 or 9 months though. They'd probably be getting pretty hungry by then?

KatieMac Fri 18-Mar-05 23:03:16

I agree Hunkermuncker - but 4-5 months has been the traditional weaning age for a's ridiculus I have 9 highchairs - but I still struggle.

I may try a pushchair - my back is killing me

HUNKERMUNKER Fri 18-Mar-05 23:04:48

I take it it would be A Terrible Thing to pretend you'd fed them food before they were six months old? (Forget I even mentioned it )

lockets Fri 18-Mar-05 23:08:23

Message withdrawn

rickman Fri 18-Mar-05 23:27:45

Message withdrawn

lockets Fri 18-Mar-05 23:28:47

Message withdrawn

rickman Fri 18-Mar-05 23:31:06

Message withdrawn

PrettyCandles Fri 18-Mar-05 23:32:02

There are lots of reclining highchairs (Mamas & Papas, Chicco and I think Graco all do one) but they're all fairly expensive I think!

What about this instead?

KatieMac Fri 18-Mar-05 23:32:26

Thank you Lockets and Rickman....
I didn't realise that your reclined Lockets and I didn't think they were the same chair until you said....

I may get one (or maybe 2)

PrettyCandles Fri 18-Mar-05 23:33:52

And I would have been before either of you if the computer hadn't had kittens and made me restart!

KatieMac Fri 18-Mar-05 23:35:12

BTW - the fact that it's a booster is great as I have storage problems (so highchair no 10 & 11 coming up)

I am trying to sell 2 (maybe 3)

KatieMac Fri 18-Mar-05 23:39:25

I've put out a 'wanted' on it - but I couldn't link this thread to it

A big THANK YOU to everyone

lockets Fri 18-Mar-05 23:42:02

Message withdrawn

KatieMac Fri 18-Mar-05 23:44:04

Thanks Lockets....I might get one

My back says "ta" - it's very bad tonite

tiffini Fri 18-Mar-05 23:45:02

you could try baby walkers (without wheels) works for me, i have twins

KatieMac Fri 18-Mar-05 23:47:41

Thanks Tiffini....but I want one of those high chairs now - I think I'll sell 4 high chairs

bobbybob Sat 19-Mar-05 00:28:32

I have one and it's brilliant. Didn't wean Bob until 6 month so never used the full recline position. It's been good value as it is now a booster chair. You wouldn't want to be adjusting it every day though.

KatieMac Mon 04-Apr-05 23:30:04

Got my first one from Mothercare & ordered a 2nd one on ebay

Happy Katie

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