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Where can I buy a chocolate chicken in the UK

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Easy Fri 18-Mar-05 22:52:00

There is a Max and Ruby story about the Easter Bunny, where the bunny brings a chocolate chicken which Max eats at the end of his easter egg hunt.

Does anyone know where I can buy one? Ds wants one very much.

HUNKERMUNKER Fri 18-Mar-05 22:55:15

Not quite what you want, but this at a push?

HUNKERMUNKER Fri 18-Mar-05 22:56:37

You could \link{,1977,FOOD993618815,00.html\make one?!!)

HUNKERMUNKER Fri 18-Mar-05 22:57:04

make one? even

jampots Fri 18-Mar-05 22:58:02

set of 3 hollow creatures including bunny

Easy Fri 18-Mar-05 22:58:17

Cheers HM, I had already seen that (done the same search) and like you, think it'll have to do, at a push.

Of course with forward planning I could have asked a U.S. mumsnetter to send one. Too late now tho'

The search continues ......

PuffTheMagicDragon Fri 18-Mar-05 22:59:31

Chocolate Chicken

jampots Fri 18-Mar-05 23:00:05

easy my friend is coming over on Sunday from teh States and her husband and kids are following next Thursday - obviously not sure just how much time she'll have between now and coming but if you find somewhere in Baltimore (pref elicott city) then im sure she'd oblige)

HUNKERMUNKER Fri 18-Mar-05 23:01:22

Wow, Puff! I bow to your superior googling skills

Easy Fri 18-Mar-05 23:03:39


That's it !!!!!

Of course, we'll have to put up with chocolate rooster and egg too, but hey, life's hard

Thank you

Now to check delivery times (hope it's not too late)

CountessDracula Fri 18-Mar-05 23:04:32

Easy there is a shop called Sandrine at the top of my road that does amazing easter animals in chocolate, might be worth giving them a call.

Easy Fri 18-Mar-05 23:04:38

Jampot, thanks for the offer, if Puff's answer doesn't work out, I'll get back to you (sooooon)!

Easy Fri 18-Mar-05 23:06:05

You are all soooooooooo clever. I knew I'd find an answer on here

PuffTheMagicDragon Fri 18-Mar-05 23:08:25

MrsDoolittle Fri 18-Mar-05 23:08:46

I know M&S are doing them this year!!

PuffTheMagicDragon Fri 18-Mar-05 23:11:35

even better MrsD!

MrsDoolittle Fri 18-Mar-05 23:13:26

Davros Sat 19-Mar-05 18:09:57

Boo hoo, I was expecting a chocolate oven-ready looking chicken and couldn't wait to see it. That's a hen!

princesspeahead Sat 19-Mar-05 18:26:55

I nearly bought a lovely choc chicken sitting on a nest in fortnums the other day - quite small - until I realised it was FORTY FIVE POUNDS.
So I bought a wonderful choc rooster (covered in very bright foil) from Prestat instead for a tenner.

WigWamBam Sat 19-Mar-05 18:30:55

M&S have got several different chocolate chickens this year.

Cadbury Sat 19-Mar-05 20:48:04

I knew I'd seen one somewhere but it has just come back to me.

Thorntons do one.

Easy Mon 28-Mar-05 14:59:55

Just to let you know, I found one at MAKRO when I went to get some office supplies (and beer). Thanks all for your help.

It is now headless and tail-less, and 4 what it's worth, he seemed to have forgotten he'd asked for one. Typical isn't it?

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