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Top Trumps - How do you play ?

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Kayleigh Fri 18-Mar-05 22:25:38

My boys are (almost) 7 and 4 and the 7 year old has expressed an interest in Top Trumps. I think some of his friends at school have them. I have seen them around - and i know they look like a pack of cards, but that's about all I know. do you play ?
Are some packs easier than others (are there different levels?)
And it is something he can play with his 4 year old brother ???


Tetley Fri 18-Mar-05 22:30:31

Did you never play it at school????

You share out the cards, then whoever is first chooses a category, then reads out their value (such as with a racing cars set, you might choose mph). The other players have to read out thir value for that category. The highest value wins, gets all of the cards played that hand, & gets to choose the next category to read out & challenge the others players to.

Its more exciting to play than it sounds like to decribe it!!

hewlettsdaughter Fri 18-Mar-05 22:30:39

You can find out how to play here . My 5 year old plays with them - some packs are easier than others (some of them require reading skills, others have cues such as colour etc to help a non-reader).

RTKangaMummy Fri 18-Mar-05 22:30:50

We love them here

DS is 9 and has Star Wars {original} and dinasours

Brill fun

You can play a quick and long versions

deffo brill


HUNKERMUNKER Fri 18-Mar-05 22:31:18

Top Trumps rules

Not sure if it's appropriate for a four-year-old - the packs should have stated ages on them. I used to play for ages with my brother - a good game for the car!

hewlettsdaughter Fri 18-Mar-05 22:31:37

I think you just have to look at the cards in a pack to see if you think your 4 year old would be able to play.

flamesparrow Fri 18-Mar-05 22:31:54

I have a Buffy pack.... and my DD is only 21 months so can't blame her...

HUNKERMUNKER Fri 18-Mar-05 22:32:03

Blimey - we must've all been typing about Top Trumps at the same time - lol!

Tetley Fri 18-Mar-05 22:32:46

Plus - you can always borrow the cards for an adult version - along the lines of strip poker

Kayleigh Fri 18-Mar-05 22:34:18

ooooh, thanks for quick responses. Will have a look in the shops at the ages. We are going away in May and I thought they might be good for on the plane.

RTKangaMummy Fri 18-Mar-05 22:34:30

choose a topic that thye know about

DS knows ALL the cards off by heart and so if you have a number he knows which card you have

very exciting too

even for mummy

Kayleigh Fri 18-Mar-05 22:34:46

oh Tetley ....

Tetley Fri 18-Mar-05 22:35:32

I'm sorry............

RTKangaMummy Fri 18-Mar-05 22:36:00

we play a quick game when not much time

just put cards that you win on one side and then count up the cards at the end to see who has the most is the winner.

Kayleigh Fri 18-Mar-05 22:36:50

Tetley, I was joking honey

Kayleigh Fri 18-Mar-05 22:37:49

you all sound as enamoured with them as your kids LOL. I want to go shopping NOW !!

flamesparrow Fri 18-Mar-05 22:38:55

Oooh, might be time to turn out the Buffy ones with that idea in mind....

RTKangaMummy Fri 18-Mar-05 22:39:14

They are about £5 to buy

Tetley Fri 18-Mar-05 22:40:08

Kayleigh - is that just for the adult game????

Kayleigh Fri 18-Mar-05 22:45:06

That'd be telling Tetley !
Now, I can see they do Disney Heroes ones - I've been having an ebay moment! Just wondering if they do mummy heroes...Brad Pitt, Jude Law, Robbie Williams etc etc ....

Tetley Fri 18-Mar-05 22:47:17

We got some a free pack form Weetabix packets a while ago, which was Lord of the Rings - which was fine as long as I got the 'Aragorn' card

RTKangaMummy Fri 18-Mar-05 22:48:57

My advice would be to get ones that have logic to them



1500kg beats 400kg

HUNKERMUNKER Fri 18-Mar-05 22:50:24

Yes, don't get complicated car ones where you have to know whether torque ratio (or somesuch nonsense) is higher or lower to be better!!

RTKangaMummy Fri 18-Mar-05 22:51:07

or the carnatour beats a dipladocus

in the fiece rating

cos basically it eats others whereas a diplodocus is a big friendly plant eater


Kayleigh Fri 18-Mar-05 22:51:38

makes sense RTKangaMummy.

have found some cheap packs here

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