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Children's plates - no characters please!

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Bozza Wed 12-Mar-03 16:43:09

Since weaning DS we have been using the little plastic Ikea bowls (you know - 6 for £1) and I also purchased the plates at the same time but never really used them except for sandwiches etc. I think its about time I gave DS a plate but the Ikea (flower shaped ones IYKWIM) are very flat so difficult for him to load the spoon/fork.

I'm looking for a children's plate with slight edges - I've seen loads (Bob, Pooh, Tweenies, Fimbles etc) but I want a plain one because his Bob cup is enough of a distraction at mealtimes.

Any ideas? Have tried Boots, Asda & Mothercare.


mum2toby Wed 12-Mar-03 16:53:16

You say you've tried Asda? I got ds a blue (transparent) plate from Asda, with raised sides and lime green rubber edges for him to hold. They are fantastic. Did you see these ones?

DebL Wed 12-Mar-03 16:55:35

What about plastic picnic - type plates?

Sainsbury had some last year, but it may still be a little early for summer / BBQ / picnic ranges yet. Worth a try, or perhaps Woolworths / poundstretcher?

Bozza Wed 12-Mar-03 17:03:31

I looked at the Asda near work Mumtotoby (can I start calling you M2T - I seem to be following you around the boards today ) but didn't see the one you describe. The local Asda is bigger so might have more success there.

Debl I saw some picnic plates in Asda but they were huge. But might be an idea - other places might have smaller ones.

bundle Wed 12-Mar-03 18:03:05

I've found dd's Bob & Mr Men bowls (about the size of a side plate, but with 'sides' so scooping easier) invaluable because dd wants to 'dig in' & 'find' bob !

florenceuk Wed 12-Mar-03 20:28:46

Yes I've got the Asda plate as well - think it was about £1.50, in the baby section. This is another option - a bit more pricey: php plate . Can't tell how big it is though, the Asda plate is the size of a side plate.

Furball Wed 12-Mar-03 20:54:48

I know you said you have tried Mothercare, but I got a pack of 4 plates, 2 x blue and 2 x bright pink plastic plates from there, that are microwave and dishwasher safe. They where really cheap too - about £3.00 for the 4. - Bargain!

Also Superdrug do bowls and plates as well.

eidsvold Wed 12-Mar-03 21:04:10

i got mine at asda too - think it was about £1.50 in with the bottles, bids, cups etc area. I also bought a clear bright green with non slip base ( can be detached) from mothercare, it was very reasonable too. Mothercare near me also do plain coloured plates/bowls.

Bron Thu 13-Mar-03 09:30:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jaybee Thu 13-Mar-03 10:11:27

I have a Tupperware double plate with bowl which clips on the top - these are about the size of a small dinner plate. They are pricey but excellent and last for years.

mum2toby Thu 13-Mar-03 10:11:29

Bozza - M2T is much better!!!

Marina Thu 13-Mar-03 10:45:47

Bozza, if you can get to a National Trust shop they do nice, quite deep-dished melamine plates with matching mugs and bowls. They aren't plain but are character-free - usually with little cartoon ladybirds marching round the rim.

Bozza Thu 13-Mar-03 12:38:08

Plenty to go at. Obviously there's something wrong with either me or my local branches because you all seem to have found what I couldn't.

Bozza Thu 13-Mar-03 12:38:31

Sorry very rude - forgot to thank you all.

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