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what is Next clothing like for sizing?

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misdee Fri 18-Mar-05 20:35:45

have never bought regular clothes from there for myself (got maternity stuff) and need new clothes now i have had the baby. am usually a size 20. is next generously cut, or will i have to go for 22's?

swiperfox Fri 18-Mar-05 20:37:37

THey are pretty good - I wear next size 14 jeans but would never fit into a 14 of anything else - more like a 16-18!! I loooove next jeans/cords!!

misdee Sat 19-Mar-05 19:03:13

oops. myaccount took a battering last night.

trefusis Sat 19-Mar-05 19:47:02

Message withdrawn

misdee Sat 19-Mar-05 19:53:02

and i got home just now and the summer catakogue has come through. so so tempting.

swiperfox Sun 20-Mar-05 09:39:39

next stuff is lovely - i'm a bit confused about where they get their kids sizes from though - if i buy tops for dd a size 4 fits but not for long, and she only just 3!! The troousers a re long though - maybe she's a funny shape lol

nikcola Sun 20-Mar-05 20:22:47

what did you get misdee im a size 20 but the trusers dont fit me

expatinscotland Sun 20-Mar-05 20:23:42

I find them very long. I'm 5ft., 4in. and have to use their petites. Otherwise, GREAT stuff!

misdee Sun 20-Mar-05 20:25:34

it turns up tomorrow. will et you know if the trousers fit. tho do some lovely tops upto size 22 tho.

purpleturtle Sun 20-Mar-05 20:31:45

I don't have much from Next, but the trousers I have seem fairly generous. They seem to use very tall skinny children for their kids clothes sizing (no good over washable nappies)

sansouci Sun 20-Mar-05 21:20:02

If you wear a size 38D bra, what shirt size do you order? According to the chart, it would be a size 18. I've never ordered anything from Boden before, but 18 seems large for me.

nikcola Mon 21-Mar-05 15:10:46

did you get your next parcel?

PuffTheMagicDragon Mon 21-Mar-05 15:12:15

Even when slim, I found Next clothes a problem due to FF cup boobs.

nikcola Mon 21-Mar-05 15:13:48

why do the tops go up to a size 22 but the trousers dont im going to complain its not fair

misdee Mon 21-Mar-05 15:22:50

only the sports style trousers have turned up atm. they are very generous. very comfty. maybe should've ordered a smaller size.

nikcola Mon 21-Mar-05 15:35:37

i was going to get some of the jogging bottoms that they do i might get them but i bet they will make my arse look like a tank!

misdee Mon 21-Mar-05 20:43:39

my arse looks like a tank in whatever i wear

paolosgirl Mon 21-Mar-05 20:47:53

They are cut quite generously and quite long. I can get away with an 8 on top and 10 on the bottom , but at 5' 2ish", even their petite stuff is a bit long.

misdee Mon 21-Mar-05 20:48:49

the tops fit lovely. am glad i went for a 22 there, as my boobs are big

nikcola Mon 21-Mar-05 20:55:46

what did you get then spill !!!!!

nikcola Mon 21-Mar-05 21:16:35

come on misdee show me what ya got and maybee you will incorage me to go shopping my clothes are worse that pat butchers !!!!!!!

misdee Mon 21-Mar-05 21:19:04 pink top

misdee Mon 21-Mar-05 21:21:11 blue white crinkle top

misdee Mon 21-Mar-05 21:23:02 white embrodiered kaftan.

nikcola Mon 21-Mar-05 21:24:19

it wont work

ive got a party to go to on sat and i have no clothes so it look like im off to evans i hate that shop new look do some nice clothes in bigger sizes
maybee is should go in a black bag !!!!

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