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Advice on the Maya tie please? Is it good and as confortable as a wrap?

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potxola Thu 27-Nov-08 15:48:57

I would like to buy a Maya tie and I can't find a group that can let me try it on.
I have back problems, but find the wraps like the Moby wrap or Kari-me very confortable.
Have you ever tried a Maya tie? (Not the wrap)What did you think of it?
Many thanks

sasamax Thu 27-Nov-08 18:03:31

Haven't tried a maya tie although I made my own mei tai and it's very comfy. I think babyhawk get a good name, or you can buy mei tais with buckles (easier) eg 'connecta'.
You prob know all this - sorry.
No experience with a maya tai though and the others do seem a lot more popular.

sasamax Thu 27-Nov-08 18:10:26

Sorry - just realised you must want wrap style straps.
I know that this brand are exceptionally good but pricey if you don't provide your own woven (not stretchy) wrap.

thankcrunchie Thu 27-Nov-08 18:41:08

ooh they look lovely. God, having finally decided i want a stretcy wrap i should probably just not look at any more sling threads!

thisisyesterday Thu 27-Nov-08 18:43:25

you may well find a regular mei tai pretty comfy too. I know I do.
I have a cwtshi and a babyhawk and prefer the cwtshi

sasamax Thu 27-Nov-08 19:04:31

Thankcrunchie - remember a stretchy wrap will only last the first few months - get a cheaper one and then you can buy a woven when baby a bit bigger!! wink

thankcrunchie Thu 27-Nov-08 19:20:14

Have just ordered Moby from the temptation of half price Burt's Bees finally won me over! You ordered an Ergo from them didn't you sasamax? (not stalking you, just been reading every sling thread going) Did it arrive ok? Am a nervous online shopper, but slings don't seem to exist in the real world!

thisisyesterday Thu 27-Nov-08 19:21:37

baby bean are FAB! know the lady who runs it on another forum lol.

sasamax Thu 27-Nov-08 19:34:16

LOL thankcrunchie - yep it came really quickly smile
My secret's out - I have every type of carrier in the world!! grin
I know what you mean about slings not existing in the real world!

potxola Thu 27-Nov-08 22:15:43

I agree I have bought my Moby from Baby bean recently too. The lady who runs it is lovely, I think it is Victoria. I ordered at 13:30 on a friday and it arrived at 7:30 am on a saturday.
I have a kari-me, a Moby and 2 Gypsymamas from Bebecannelle.They are quite expensive now but I bought them on a half price sale..
I have back problems so I am always looking for the best one for me. I sell the ones I don't use. I have already sold the Close.

My dd seems to like for her naps her Moby at the moment. I mainly use them at home, but I like the idea of the Maya tie. Less material to work on when putting it on outside.

potxola Thu 27-Nov-08 22:20:14

Sasamax Thank you for the link about making the carrier with a wrap, but it is too expensive. I would have to buy a woven wrap first.
Which woven wraps do you have? (I am also a sling addict)
The kari-me is strechy but works well for toddlers too.

I prefer the wraps you can tumble dry for obvious reasons

potxola Thu 27-Nov-08 22:21:38

I forgot. I also bought a BabaSling which I can use and my husband has not used so far either. I will probably sell it . It is new

sasamax Fri 28-Nov-08 10:07:07

Potxola - I only have a didymos but am hoping santa brings me a storch at Christmas.
Maybe the kari-me is more supportive but I had a hugabub and found it too annoying after she got to 4 months.
You should seriously try to make your own mei tai. There are patterns with wrap style straps out there! grin

thisisyesterday Fri 28-Nov-08 12:29:08

"only" a didy??? lol
I have a storch in inka and it is lovely I have to admit. but I may have gone for a didymos had I been able to afford it

potxola Fri 28-Nov-08 14:58:29

Sasamax I could not do it myself. I realised 1 of the gypsymama wraps is a gauze one, that is woven, so I could consider sending it to that web to convert it to a Mei-Tai. The problem is that I wll end up paying around £40.00 and if I don't like it!, I would have wasted m lovely gauze wrap.

sasamax Fri 28-Nov-08 15:28:13

Thisisyesterday - I WANT A STORCH INKA!!!!!!!
It is so gorgeous!
The didy is great though but it's such an addiction...
Potxola - why not buy a second hand woven to convert? Check the FSOT on - always plenty of bargains there!

ChairmumMiaow Sun 30-Nov-08 19:38:37

sasa - I have a storch inka and although I don't use it every day because the babyhawk is quicker for in-and-outs, I do love it for days when I know we're going to be out and about for hours!

DH says its my most "hippy" sling though, with those stripes

CharCharGabor Sun 30-Nov-08 19:50:39

I have a storch inka too. It's my favourite sling, I can still carry dd in it on my front and she's 16 months. I find it so comfortable. I am coveting a podaegi though.

thankcrunchie Mon 01-Dec-08 18:16:58

Just seen this thread bumped up again and thought I should say that yes you were all right! Baby Bean were great, the Moby arrived on saturday morning and I spent the weekend trying it out with dolls, and even tied it on DD, though the fabric had to go round her about a million times she looked v cute. Just need a baby to put in it now.

ChairmumMiaow Mon 01-Dec-08 18:18:52

thankcrunchie - my 11 year old niece has carried DS in our kari-me before. Works great because we could just wrap the fabric round loads! Its very cute!

If your DD wants a wrap, big mama slings do a baby storch wrap which looks really cute too!

potxola Sat 13-Dec-08 12:52:16

I bought the Maya wrap and took it back, I did not like the pattern , so I Ihave bought the Inka in 5.2. Can't wait to see it,

potxola Sun 19-Jul-09 22:19:23

Since I post my last message I have bought 3 Maya Ties in solid colours. I love them.

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