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Baby alarms - which one?

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Nimme Fri 18-Mar-05 18:43:21

I want to replace our very old and very big baby alarm with a nifty new one. Are there any great ones, any to avoid or are they all more or less the same??

Tommy Fri 18-Mar-05 19:15:27

We have a Tomy one with temperature alarm. It is a bit of a pain TBH as every time the temp goes above a certain level, it beeps. very annoying during hot summers which is why we don't use it anymore and just leave the doors open (although mine are a bit older now). I would suggest one without a temperature thing on it and have a normal thermometer in there as well.

Katemum Fri 18-Mar-05 19:35:42

There is a switch to turn off the Tomy alarm, in the battery compartment.

Tommy Fri 18-Mar-05 21:25:13

really? We've had it over 3 years!!! I've nevr noticed - better go off and find it before number 3 comes along!

lilsmum Fri 18-Mar-05 21:26:43

i have a maws reassurance 8, and i cant fault it very good, and would reccommmend!!

Nimme Mon 21-Mar-05 19:41:04

Thanks guys. Sorry it's taken me a while to come back to this but DD2 has had the latest bug and I'm zonked!

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