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Funeral flowers

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nutcracker Fri 18-Mar-05 18:26:50

Have to get some for my grandads funeral. Have a bit of time to decide as it isn't until the 30th, but am very very at the proces i've seen so far, some were into the hundreds.

Not sure what i want really, we wern't close at all and tbh the way he has treated my mom, i would prefer not to send any at all, but anyway I am so, what the hell do i get that doesn't cost an arm and a leg ??

My brother is going halves with me but he is broke too.

nutcracker Fri 18-Mar-05 18:27:32

prices not proces

jampots Fri 18-Mar-05 18:28:31

Nutty - how about you just send a donation to charity, you can get away with just a tenner that way and its less of a waste of money IMO - you've got to be looking at least £30 for a smallish arrangement

Mud Fri 18-Mar-05 18:29:50

send a bouquet of white lillies, you don't need a wreath

if you are going to the funeral, take them with

if you aren't arrange interflora

should be about £20 - £30

nutcracker Fri 18-Mar-05 18:30:32

Thats what i wanted to do, but apparently it has to be flowers. There all mad, the whole bloody family, but anyway, will have to grin and bear it i spose.

Will definatly be having a couple of drinks before i go i think, might help stop me punching someone.

WigWamBam Fri 18-Mar-05 18:31:10

Nutty, the florist in the little cabin behind M&S in Sutton is good and quite cheap, I got a lovely arrangement for a funeral there for less than £15. They're ever so friendly as well, have a chat with them and see what they come up with.

jangly Fri 18-Mar-05 18:31:29

You should be able to get a spray or a posy in oasis for about £30.

nutcracker Fri 18-Mar-05 18:31:52

I am going but don't want to take them to the house because i will have to go in then.

Thanks for the suggestions by the way.

Can't believe some of the prices, what a rip off.

nutcracker Fri 18-Mar-05 18:32:38

Thanks wigwambam, hadn't thought of there, will have a look next week. Do they deliver ???

JanH Fri 18-Mar-05 18:34:39

sympathy flowers from £25, nutty. Any good?

nutcracker Fri 18-Mar-05 18:37:19

Cheers Jan, looks good.

kalex Fri 18-Mar-05 18:40:22

nutty, you dont like them -they don't like you --- don't do anything apart from attend and but the kids something with the money.

HE IS DEAD -- he doesnt care.

kalex Fri 18-Mar-05 18:42:46

God that was a bit harsh, spend on the people that are here and you love rather than floweres

Blossomhill Fri 18-Mar-05 18:43:55

A single white rose is a nice gesture IMO

nutcracker Fri 18-Mar-05 19:00:31

Kalex, that is a very good idea, but if i don't get flowers it will only cause my mom more probs, which i don't want to do.

Am only going to the funeral for my mom really.

kalex Fri 18-Mar-05 19:14:26

Then a single rose would be what I would do. You have payed your mark of respect and if they don't like then, "Tough"

WigWamBam Sat 19-Mar-05 15:58:12

Not sure if the little florist in the cabin delivers - I picked mine up, but I think they are a Teleflorist, and they deliver. They're called Floral Express, 321 3585.

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