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Maxi Cosi Easy fix base and Renault Scenics

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LeakyDAISYcal Sun 23-Nov-08 13:04:13

I have a Renault Scenic and a Maxi Cosi cabriofix car seat.

The car has isofix points on ALL passenger seats and has three full sized seats across the back. We wanted to get the isofix base for the car seat, as we have three kids and thought it would make life easier for getting the baby in and out, and wanted tp put him in the middle as we can get to the older two's seat belts easier with this set up.

Does anyone know whether I can put the isofix base on any of the back seats? Maxi Cosi's website has no information on Renault Scenics at all.

Our reckoning is that if the isofix points exist then it is OK, and safe, to use them.


LIZS Sun 23-Nov-08 13:07:49

Does it use a stabiising foot, as apparently you can't use the foot where there is an underfloor storage box. Ours doesn't have isofix on the central seat anyway but newer ones might. It should be ok , if the Britax is similar their guide may help you check if the middle one is ok.

LeakyDAISYcal Sun 23-Nov-08 13:19:56

thanks lizs.....I never thought about the underfoot storage. In that case the middle seat at the back is the only one it could be used on as that is the only seat without the storage.
Just checked the Britax website and their isofix base (with leg) is OK for the outside seats....and they have storage boxes.

Am more confused now.

LeakyDAISYcal Sun 23-Nov-08 18:10:01

anyone else?

pgwithnumber3 Sun 23-Nov-08 18:24:39

Lacks - I too would like the answer to this question! I have a Renault Scenic (03 model) and have no idea even if it has Isofix points!

Maybe try Halfords as they seem to be quite adept at the fitting of car seats. I could well pop in to our local one tomorrow and ask them as I need to know myself.

Surely using the base with the isofix points on the outer seats can be done even though the support leg is over a storage compartment. The Isofix points alone are what keeps the base from moving?

By the way, congrats on the birth of your baby boy! I have not been on Mumsnet a lot recently but still lurk.

LeakyDAISYcal Sun 23-Nov-08 18:44:57

hi there smile and thanks. He is three weeks now and a challenge to say the least. Definately more high maintenance than the other two, but gorgeous, so I'll forgive him wink

and he and DD (and me as well she grudgingly admits wink) love the P&T grin

pgwithnumber3 Sun 23-Nov-08 18:58:24

LOL at your name change! How is the feeding going?

He will no doubt settle down soon enough. Is it strange after having 2 DDs?

Glad you like the P&T! I am still undecided and may see what bargains there are out there come January!

Can't find anything online that tells me if you can fit the base on the outer seats.

LeakyDAISYcal Sun 23-Nov-08 18:59:42

we went to Halford's yesterday but all the staff were busy with Christmas bike sales! screaming baby and whingy toddler dictated that we couldn't hang about. Will try a different branch tomorrow and see what they say.

I'm sure people with Scenics have used the easy fix base before; I'm just surprised that MaxiCosi have no information about it on their website.

LeakyDAISYcal Sun 23-Nov-08 19:03:17

feeding got off to a bad start with finlay having a bad dose of thrush sad. We are still working on his latch, as it's really shallow and he comes off easily. But, he is putting on weight and thriving inspite of it.

I just wish he would sleep at night. DH and I are lucky if we get two hours unbroken sleep at the minute.

I've got a DS already; my oldest is a boy and then DD in the middle.

I'll swap my profile over so you can have a squinty at him smile

thenewme Sun 23-Nov-08 19:04:58

Not sure if it is what you mean but we used a greaco auto baby with support leg in our grand scenic.

pgwithnumber3 Sun 23-Nov-08 19:10:55

God bless him, from experience with friends who have breastfed boys, they tend to have more problems with the latching on! No idea why!

I could have sworn you had 2 dds! Pregnancy brain is addled atm!

I really hope he starts to sleep for you. Any ideas what the problem is with his sleeping, is it feeding?

thenewme - did you fit the leg of the Graco one over the floor storage compartment?

thenewme Sun 23-Nov-08 19:12:44

There wasn't one there when it went in the middle and when it went on the side the storage compartment was under the mat so made no difference.

LeakyDAISYcal Sun 23-Nov-08 20:22:16

I think he is just a milk monster. He is also a bit colicky, and struggles to bring up any wind or have a poo.

DS1 was the same with his latching and I gave up at 6 weeks. We will get there with this one though.

and I've noticed that as well with boys......strangely as they always end up being obsessed with boobs wink

I'll try and pop into Halfords tomorrow and report back smile

pgwithnumber3 Wed 26-Nov-08 10:53:39

Did you manage to get to Halfords LACKS?

wellbalanced Fri 28-Nov-08 16:45:02

Ive got both the easy base and easy fix but neither fit in my centre seat due to the leg, hope you get some help on this...

bruhaha Fri 28-Nov-08 16:48:53

i have scenic 04 and isofix base for maxi cosi. we use the leg but it doesn't make a lot of difference. as the car has isofix points that is the safety bit taken care of as far as we were aware. we've used it for about 6 months.

bruhaha Fri 28-Nov-08 16:49:34

p.s. we use it on the seat behind passenger as that is the safest place in the car.

weblette Fri 28-Nov-08 16:59:12

Halfords won't fit a base with a leg if there's a storage space underneath, it goes against the advice they're given and invalidates the fitting guarantee. I just got the next stage up fitted there. They say the panel isn't strong enough to support the force/weight of the leg in the event of a crash. HTH

Liz79 Wed 30-Sep-09 16:44:55

Halfords man refused to sell us the (most expensive they had) maxi-cosi group 1 isofix yesterday because our 58 scenic has a storage compartment. We took the britax duo isofix instead which has a top tether (strap which goes behind seat and fastens to anchor in boot), the leg or tether helps prevent forward/back movement. The isofix stopped it moving side to side.

I have the M&P switch for my toddler and want to put my new baby in it when s/he arrives, I will be needing their car seat, wanted the isofix base but it has a leg. Don't want to put baby next to toddler in case she pokes him/her in the eye or hits him with something :/

lynniep Wed 30-Sep-09 16:54:43

gosh this is interesting - and worrying. I have the easy base for the maxi-cosi for our nissan tino.
This has a storage space below the main rear seats, but I just took the lid off and the leg sits on the floor of the compartment.

I thought (without any scientific basis of course) that the base of the storage compartment must surely be as strong as a normal floor space. Clearly it wouldnt be safe to balance it on the lid as there would be a free space underneath, hence removing it. Hmm...

nicm Wed 30-Sep-09 20:07:52

i was told by the in car safety centre that group 0+ were ok with a support leg as they had lower weight issues but this was only a recent change, but that the support leg on a group 1 car seat was a big no no as it was resting on a 'false floor' in an accident. ended up with a britax two way elite as was the only 1 we could get without a support leg!! you would think the manufacturers of family cars would realise this hmm

Rey1 Mon 09-Nov-09 12:33:50

I'm having the same problem with a Ford Focus C-Max. It would seem to me that removing the lid and standing the support leg on the floor of the car would be a good solution. I have a friend with a VW Touran who does this already.

Anbody know of any reason why this would not be as safe as standing it on the floor of a car with no storage compartment??

OADCB Sat 26-Feb-11 07:36:16

Bumping to see if anyone had any recent experience with car seat bases of any make in scenic?

PrincessScrumpy Tue 08-Mar-11 20:59:58

OMG didn't even occur to me - expecting twins I want isofix so I can sure they are safely in. Middle seat doesn't have isofix so dd1 will have to go there as she's 3 but planned for dts do go either side. What a pain to lose the storage space! I have a VW Touran - surely being a "family" car it should be designed with this in mind! Grrr, another thing to worry about.

JimmyChoo17 Sun 19-Jun-11 21:17:46

Anyone got more info on this since??? Have read that is fine to use isofix bases on rear seats via Renault info. Maxi cosi don't say yes for rear but allow front travel which makes no sense as their is storage there too. Someone has posted on a Renault site that using the leg to the bottom of the storage compartment is ok, and that the leg is extra support to anchor points

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