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a challenge - funky plastic garden furniture? Does it exist?

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Enid Thu 17-Mar-05 12:21:17

I saw some fab garden furniture at a place we went to for lunch. It was heavy moulded plastic, chairs and recliners.

Have had a brief search but can only find boring wooden garden furniture - I throw down the challenge!

Enid Thu 17-Mar-05 12:22:08

it is so warm and sunny I have been sitting outside on our knackered garden bench...warm sun on face, dd2 playing on slide, bliss

maisystar Thu 17-Mar-05 12:26:19

i saw some in john lewis-very cool. but the chairs were £50 each, don't know if you want to pay that much, i didn't!!!

does ikea ever do garden furniture?

bundle Thu 17-Mar-05 12:27:54

ooh saw some stuff in evening standard last night but it was more beachy - fluffy parasol a bit like in hawaii and one of those low-down raffia-like chairs for beach. twas from habitat i think

WestCountryLass Thu 17-Mar-05 14:34:51

Ikea do plastic chairs:*10292&chapterId=10470&cattype=sub

or there are rattan loungers:*10292&chapterId=10469&cattype=sub

I like this!

Enid Thu 17-Mar-05 15:41:08

Yes I like that too!

Enid Thu 17-Mar-05 15:42:38

these are quite good

WestCountryLass Thu 17-Mar-05 20:48:43

I can't believe they are 50 quid though!

maisystar Thu 17-Mar-05 21:01:48

ooooh those are the ones i saw but in bright pink! they were gorgeous but not at £50 each

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