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thebluenoser Fri 21-Nov-08 00:21:42

Has anyone placed an order with them recently. I ordered six calendars for Christmas but they haven't arrived (supposed to be 10 working days and I ordered on Nove 3) and every message I've sent to customer services has bounced back. I'm starting to get worried!

SneakerPimp Fri 21-Nov-08 00:22:56


i was thinking about it for grandmas X2

is it the personal calender thingie?

thebluenoser Fri 21-Nov-08 12:12:30

Yes, it is - you send them the photos and they're supposed to deliver the calendar in 10 business days, but I've had nothing! It's a great idea for Christmas prezzies, but not if they don't deliver...

thebluenoser Sun 23-Nov-08 22:55:23

Bumping - someone out there must have ordered from them!

AnniR Mon 15-Dec-08 20:41:31

I ordered a calender for my Dad's Birthday on 17th Nov....... still nothing. They did however reply to my email on 11th Dec


Thank you for your email.

Your order was dispatched last week so it should arrive any day now.

Kind regards

Customer Service


Hasn't arrived yet........ If not arrived within 10 working days of the 11th Dec, I will be reporting them to Trading Standards.
This was meant to be a Birthday present for my Dad, and his Birthday was today!!!!!!

elizaregina Sat 20-Dec-08 00:41:17

I am very upset - we spent ages choosing photos of our daughter the first grandchild and 1st great granchild for the great grand parents and parents and also spent ages taking different photos for this calender.

We have received nothing and have heard nothing. To be honest I did think the marketing pics on the literature that came through the door was poor and there was no phone no. Apparently they are based in sweden. Ladies - I think we have been conned.

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