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anyone having probs with a Jane Isofix car seat?

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TracyK Wed 16-Mar-05 08:47:48

Can't get the seat belt through the hole. Took it back to 2leftfeet and they said a couple of other people had complained about the same thing. They sent one back to Jane and Jane have come back and said they are ok!
I think I'll ask for my money back and get a Britax one!

alibubbles Wed 16-Mar-05 10:03:59

If it's isofix, why are you using the seatbelt? Just curious as I have two Isofix seats.

TracyK Wed 16-Mar-05 10:13:38

the jane one still uses the seat belt over the child as it doesn't have the 5 point harness - but the isofix things still hold the seat in place. iykwim.
is it the britax ones you have?

alibubbles Wed 16-Mar-05 12:54:13

I'm with you now! Mine are Mercedes, but are made by Britax, you just end up spending twice the Britax price as they have air bag sensors in them.

TracyK Thu 17-Mar-05 09:47:49

well i took the Jane isofix back yesterday and swapped it for a Maxi Cosi XP.
The owner reckoned that the Jane one wasn't really advisable for a 12mo - although the seat has passed all the safety tests etc. So I got the MC one - although it's not Isofix - I think I was 'talked' into that one and I couldn't be arsed arguing about it.

alibubbles Thu 17-Mar-05 13:29:34

Glad you got it sorted out.

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