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Can anyone reccomend a quiet hairdryer please??

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somethingsticky Mon 17-Nov-08 12:33:50

I'm sick of leaving the house at 6am with wet hair but don't want to wake dh or dd.

I'm a scrunch dry and run girl so I don't need anything fancy, I just need it not to sound like an aircraft!

can aonyone help please??

ObamasPinkPussyCat Mon 17-Nov-08 14:48:46

Bumping for you - have the exact same problem myself!

somethingsticky Mon 24-Nov-08 22:00:47

thanks for the bump.

there must be one out there??? mumsnet has never ever let me down!

elliejenkins80 Tue 27-Jan-15 09:33:39

Hey, this thread looks pretty old, but wanted to post for others as Ive been hunting for a quiet hair dryer for a while as i have perforated ear drum which makes hair drying really uncomfortable.

I ended up picking up the super cheap povos hair dryer which I saw on, they test the decibel levels of hair dryers which is pretty cool, hope this helps someone.

beautymine Sun 05-Jul-15 00:56:25

Yeah this is an outdated thread but help is never old. Talking about quiet hair dryers one should not expect a silent hair dryer because these haven't been invented it, but there are low pitched ones, especially professional ones. Low quality hair dryers are normally loud and are bad for people with hearing problems. The one I have is beautifully quiet as I can have a phone conversation even when setting it to the highest settings. I found this article that provides 4 of the quietest hair dryers and helped me choose my hair dryer, check it out for suggestions

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