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Adventure Baby or Uptofive - has anyone bought from these sites?

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Flightattendant4 Sun 16-Nov-08 15:09:53

I am not sure if they are run by same company.
Has anyone dealt with them? Just like to know what customer service is like, as I was thinking of getting mountain buggy from there.


mrswoolf Sun 16-Nov-08 16:07:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Flightattendant4 Sun 16-Nov-08 16:18:32

Thankyou - the woman rang me just now, we had a chat - she seems nice but hasn't got the buggy I wanted. sad

Pannacotta Sun 16-Nov-08 16:22:33

I don't recommend UptoFive actually.
I have bought some things from them and they state no delivery charge on the site, but when if you want to return anything they deduct delivery costs from the refund!
Also, I sent a pair of Baby shoes back as they were not as described but UptoFive returned them to me with a note saying no refunds.
I then sent them back again wih a letter explaining the fault and they claimed never to have received them so no refund (had to pursue through RM).

Flightattendant4 Sun 16-Nov-08 16:32:42

Blimey Panna hmm

I just rang her to ask her to email me to confirm the order's been cancelled. Hope she does - she's got authorisation to debit my credit card, but says she won't.

I ordered the buggy in the picture but she said it's a different one, so I asked her to cancel it.

Bit odd really.

Pannacotta Sun 16-Nov-08 17:00:55

Hope it gets sorted Flight.
I found her v unprofessional and if you look closely at the Ts&Cs on the site they look dodgey.

Flightattendant4 Sun 16-Nov-08 17:14:28

Thankyou - I rang the bank as it was a lot of dosh, and they said initially that it had been claimed already hmm but then I rang again and they told me it had only been authorised (by me when I placed the order) and she had two days to claim the money, but she has told me she won't, so I hope she is honest.

Gahh. What a nightmare! My mother is right - she never gives anyone her details on the internet. Or the phone. Or anywhere else really, ever grin

I think I'm probably panicking about nothing, I guess that I have the cancellation in writing in my sent box, so she has no right to take the money. Sale of goods act or something?

Thanks for sharing, Panna - I've read their T&C now and it is blooming odd. One to avoid in future then.

AngryMam Fri 06-Mar-09 00:45:23

I know this thread is pretty much finished but I had to add to it just in case anyone is looking for info on uptofive in the future. I ordered goods on 19th January, which were meant to be delivered within a week. I was initially concerned as there was no parcel tracking service.
After 2 weeks I sent numerous emails which remain unanswered, phonecalls were not returned.

By the 23rd February I eventually spoke with the owner who continued to blame the postal system, said she'd check things out and again didn't get back to me.angry
I rang again on the 27th February and she claimed that the goods were returned to her (just that day!) as they had not been collected, but I had used my work address where parcels are always delivered to our clerical support staff - there would never be any need for a delivery slip to be left. (I double checked) I genuinely believe she never sent them - I have used my work address for the last 12 years and have never had any problems.

The owner then claimed she would refund the payment that day. When I rang again today she claimed that a refund had been made on the 27th but I had already checked with paypal and it hadn't been refunded. The money was refunded this evening after todays phonecall(5th March).

The owner contradicted herself at various times saying at one time she hadn't received any of my emails and another time that she had replied to my emails but I must not have got them.hmm

Overall, I found this website to be a total nightmare. They had my money for 7 weeks and I got nothing in return but inconvenience, annoyance and a high phone bill! The prices may seem attractive but do not be fooled.

Qally Fri 06-Mar-09 02:38:20

That's awful - really sorry there are so many baby goods cowboys out there.

Relating to Mountain Buggies - we got a Terrain a couple of weeks ago from Chariots - - ater calling Mountain Buggy direct. The price was okay and included next day delivery - I was a bit scared tbh as I used a debit card for the freebie, and I never use debit cards. But it arrived as promised and is fab. So they are all they promise, at good prices, as are where we got our main buggy - their customer care is second to none. Good online discount retailers really do exist.

(I should add that I'm not some pram addict! We just need a good city buggy as we have no car, and Mum needs a good walking one as she is a real hiker - Lands End - John O'Groats, Santiago de Compestela, the Lakes, you name it - and she's doing a lot of the childcare. I feel a bit defensive about having 2 of them for 1 child.)

supps Fri 02-Oct-09 12:35:55

Hi, I ordered a girls drinks bottle from on 2 Sept, the site says next day delivery if ordered before 2pm, so I was sure to get my order in before then (approx 1pm). I received a confirmation email but that was it! I didn't receive any goods & didn't hear anything. I emailed, no answer & called, no answer. I needed the bottle for my god-daughter starting school so I bought another from another site & received it next day. I emailed Adventure Baby again cancelling my order & expressing my disappointment at their customer service. Heard nothing back for a while then on 28/9 I had a missed call & voicemail msg from them asking me to ring them to discuss my order which they were about to despatch. hmm I haven't called them back as we have nothing to discuss. I emailed them again & confirmed cancellation of my order. Weirdly they don't appear to have taken my money. Strange. Anyway, just wanted to add to this thread as I wouldn't want anyone else to buy from this disreputable company & be disappointed. smile

franch Wed 12-Oct-11 12:14:10

Oh god, wish I'd checked uptofive out before I ordered. Ordered £43 worth of stuff from them in Aug. Nothing. No replies to my emails or phonecalls. AVOID. [ANGRY]

franch Wed 12-Oct-11 12:14:24


franch Thu 13-Oct-11 11:10:22

Have launched a claim via PayPal.

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