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Can you still get the morning after pill on prescription?

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swiperfox Tue 15-Mar-05 13:27:17

Or do you have to pay £20 or so for it now? ..... I'm hoping its on prescription although feel like a bit like a naughty teenager going to ask for it!!!

anchovies Tue 15-Mar-05 13:42:05

If you go to a family planning clinic you can definitely get it for free so presume you can still get it on prescription (free as well)?

I'm the same buying condoms, I always want to tell the checkout person that I'm married with a baby so I'm allowed!

bundle Tue 15-Mar-05 13:46:19

you can get it on prescription, but the £20 thing is for over-the-counter sales where you don't need to ask anyone for it (except the pharmacist and there's not much privacy there ) what about a walk in centre swiperfox?

Toothache Tue 15-Mar-05 13:49:34

lol... I remember when I was a naughty teenager and had to go to A&E to get it!!! My friend was with me and the Nurse came out into the busy waiting room and asked me loudly "So how long ago did you have unprotected intercourse?" I COULD HAVE DIED RIGHT THERE!

Yes you can still get it on prescription.

But get it quick coz my friend has had failed contraception twice.... both times she took the Morning after pill after about 48 hours..... now she has 2 dd's!!

Evesmama Tue 15-Mar-05 13:51:02

def free in fpc 's and hospitals.ring hosp first for appointment, but expect to have a wait.

swiperfox Tue 15-Mar-05 13:53:39

I'll have to go and look at the notice on the docs window - i'm pretty sure that their fp is only on a saturday morning and if it's outside the village i cant there because i dont drive - might just have to get a docs appt for today or tomorrow and try not to chicken out!!!!!!

Evesmama Tue 15-Mar-05 13:59:27

dont worry, doc's will give this out every week!, they shouldnt judge you
a lot of us have been there

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