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Recommend a mop

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Peckarollover Tue 15-Mar-05 12:05:51

My dettol power mop or whatever its called has just snapped - can anyone recommend a good replacement?

I dont want a normal mop and bucket.

I have wooden floor in kitchen and laminate in conservatory - I dont do the kitchen floor half as much as I should as I cant find the right tool

So, come on....what do you use to wash your hard floors!?

dyzzidi Tue 15-Mar-05 12:09:05

I use those Dettol wipe thingys where you fix them to the end of the mop. I also use the same mop with antistatic dust cloths for the wooden floors in the bedrooms.

I like the fact you just throw the dirt away!

jangly Tue 15-Mar-05 12:12:20

You can't beat a floor cloth! Down on your hands and knees girl!!

Beansmum Tue 15-Mar-05 12:16:45

I feel terrible buying throwaway wipes so I just sweep up the big bits then use a floor cloth. Good exercise and it's cheaper.

Peckarollover Tue 15-Mar-05 12:17:49

Well it was having to get down on my hands and knees just now that prompted the thread! I cant see me being arsed to do it often enough to keep filth at bay!

jangly Tue 15-Mar-05 12:19:41

Having said that, I should add make sure you use a spongy kneeling pad so that you don't damage your knees long term!

PuffTheMagicDragon Tue 15-Mar-05 12:23:07

I've just bought a mop from B&Q that has a squeezable sponge on it and a scrubbing brush bit for stubborn marks, dirt - used it at the weekend and its brill!

jangly Tue 15-Mar-05 12:42:41

This is good for laminate floors. here

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