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verona Fri 07-Mar-03 22:20:18

This is a bit of a long shot. I'm trying to find a particular online toyshop. It was one that I constantly seemed to be directed to when I did a search for toys but can't find it now. Problem is I've no idea what it's called.
It sells the biggest range of toys I've come across. Down its left side its menu allows you to search by type, manufacturer, age and, I think, other categories.
I know this isn't much to go on but any ideas welcome!

GillW Fri 07-Mar-03 23:39:31

Hamley's ?

SoupDragon Sat 08-Mar-03 08:44:48

Mail Order Express ?

Batters Sat 08-Mar-03 13:44:49

verona, if it is mail order express, I would be very wary of using them. I had appalling customer service from them about 7 weeks before Xmas.

verona Sat 08-Mar-03 15:35:12

Yes, it was Mail Order Express. Thank you.
Oh and thanks for the advice Batters.
Has anyone else had bad experiences with them?

SoupDragon Sat 08-Mar-03 15:49:16

I had good service just before Christmas - ordered 2 Plan Toys, had them delivered to in-laws' to save us carting them down there. No problems at all.

May have been different had I had a problem I guess but it all went very smoothly and I's be happy to use them again. What porblem did ytou have, Batters?

Jane101 Sat 08-Mar-03 15:58:40

I've placed a few orders with them and not had any real problems. The only time things went a bit wrong was when they e.mailed me to say my credit card had been rejected, so I decided to order the item from elsewhere, but then the original turned up afterall. Other than that, they've been fine.

GeorginaA Sat 08-Mar-03 16:33:53

I've had excellent service from Mail Order Express, and would thoroughly recommend them to anyone (even when I messed up and chose the wrong delivery options, they sorted it out over the phone with no problem whatsover).

anto Sun 09-Mar-03 10:28:44

I think (or could be enables you to search by manufactuer etc.

They have some very nice plastic kitchen 'imaginative play' toys like teasets and brooms made by a Danish make called Dantoy.

Batters Sun 09-Mar-03 10:42:47

I ordered a nativity toy, in October. First of all got told it would be delivered in the standard 10 days, chased up three times, each time was told it would be delivered, then surprise, surprise, the shipment had been lost at the warehouse, and there was nothing they could do. By this time the toy had sold out everywhere (although I could have doen a bid for one at Ebay), and it was too late.

I was incredibly annoyed about it at the time. From the sounds of it, other people have had better experiences.

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