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Leappads, leapsters - advice please

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bathmummy Mon 14-Mar-05 07:31:55

Are they worthwhile or a waste of money. We know loads of children with the leap pads and they rave about them. As we have computers, I have always told DD1 that she didn’t need one as she has her own login and access area on our computers with loads of games. Problem is that they are not portable like a leap pad and so would keep her out of the office..
Are they good value for money, what age do they really suit, are leapsters better than leap pads?
Any experiences of these things and advice gratefully received.Thanks

dropinthe Mon 14-Mar-05 07:48:45

My three year old got one for xmas and isnt really getting the point of it and his attention span isnt long enough to listen to the questions. I think they really depend on how mentally aware your child is and of course each child is different. I think if your child is beginning to spell,can sit for longer than 15 minutes looking at a book and can sit and listen to stories without too much inturuption then they are a good thing.

Keane Mon 14-Mar-05 07:53:11

mine liked it to begin with but seem really bored with it now
think i might out it up for a while, then get it down again (mine are5 1nd 3)

bathmummy Mon 14-Mar-05 08:06:52

thanks for responding. You have voiced my concernes really - that I will fork out for all of this kit and she will get bored of it after a short while. Maybe stick to the computer as the games you can get are just brilliant and very varied.
Her favourite toy at the minute is a free Happy Meal toy of elastic girl and a cheap meagasketcher thing from Asda. Not always the flashy expensive things that last the longest

Hulababy Mon 14-Mar-05 08:23:23

DD (3 next month) got a Leappad for Christmas and she really likes it. She takes it away with us for weekends (we have the ricksack bag for it) and she has a couple of age-appropriate books.

Kelly1978 Mon 14-Mar-05 08:48:13

I think 3 years is too young for one, my dd gpot bored of it very quickly and then it got destroyed, and she doesnt usually break toys.

macwoozy Mon 14-Mar-05 08:51:37

My ds only used his half a dozen times, but then became bored with it.

bathmummy Mon 14-Mar-05 12:45:03

definitely not going to bother with one now, thanks to you all for responding. Goodness only knows what I will end up getting her. I feel as if she already has so many things that she doesn’t fully appreciate it all. Maybe I will buy her some summer clothes and some new bedding. I know it is boring but she likes choosing and at least that way I know it won’t go to waste

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