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What flooring should I choose for a kitchen?

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sobernow Thu 06-Mar-03 21:23:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

janh Thu 06-Mar-03 22:20:42

We put down cork tiles about 14 years ago, they are warm and were clean, BUT need some maintenance I think, and ours are extremely grotty now (but should be a good base for something else).

Vinyl is clean and warm - cushion-vinyl softest but fiddly - are you laying this yourself or getting someone else to do it? Tiles are easier but not so soft. Or there are carpet tiles, looselay so you can lift up dirty ones and sluice them under the tap.

Also there are laminate floors which are suitable for kitchens, and they always look great, but you do have to be careful about not having any puddles which can ooze down the joins. Or actual wood which is more resilient. HTH but doubt it!

EmmaTMG Fri 07-Mar-03 05:56:04

We've got a tile floor. The tiles are a sort of stone effect( but are ceramic) with various stoney colours (strangley enough ) and DH put a grey/stone coloured grout in them.
Okay they are still cold under foot and at the risk of having enviromental health called, They don't show any dirt and to be honest it was probably last summer that I last washed the floor, which makes them ideal for me!!!
Also we always have people commenting on how nice they look so thats another bonus

robinw Fri 07-Mar-03 06:45:25

message withdrawn

batey Fri 07-Mar-03 07:04:39

We had Marmoleum put in ours 18ms ago. There's loads of styles,v. hard wearing(as ours is the main "run thro'" from the garden, it needs to be!)warm and easy to clean.. So far so good. Check out Interior Harmony on Chelsea Rd, they have a flooring (as well as kitchen and tile) shop there HTH.

sobernow Fri 07-Mar-03 07:36:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SoupDragon Fri 07-Mar-03 08:10:13

We have show-no-dirt tiles in our kitchen too. I wish the previous owners had put underfloor heating in though as they can be chilly in Winter. Tiles are hard on dropped china and expensive crystal glasses though. A friend has vinyl flooring that looks like wood and it's lovely. V practical too! My parents have carpet tiles in their kitchen and hate them - they move about and if you clean one you have to clean them all or it shows that the rest are dirty. We had a short pile carpet in our old kitchen which was quite good as it was water repellent to a certain degree.

Oddly enough, our kitchen floor is half floorboards, half concrete (has an extension) and the tiles work fine. As we didn't put them in, I don't know what was done but the floor is not higher than the hallway.

Jzee Fri 07-Mar-03 08:44:32

If it's a concrete floor then I'd go for tiles with perhaps underfloor heating. Amtico can be nice, but it's expensive and then there is wood although I've never considered it practical in a kitchen.

Crunchie Fri 07-Mar-03 09:38:30

I've got a good quality vinyl ontop of a concrete floor and this is great. It is warm underfoot, easy to wash, and hides the dirt from a long haired dog and two very messy kids. It is a kind of fake limestone tiles colour. I think the brand is Amtico and I got it as a room sized remenant form a local shop, I got them to fit it as it really makes a huge difference, cheap flooring fitted well is much better than expensive flooring fitted yourself.

If I remember the cost of the floor and fitting was about £300 - the room is 10ft x 20ft, a kitchen diner hence the expense. Do try and ring around shops to see if they do these large 'end of rolls' as you can save at least 1/3rd and therefore afford the fitting.

gingernut Fri 07-Mar-03 09:57:48

We have Amtico which is vinyl and very hard-wearing, similar to Marmoleum. Both are pricey. I personally would opt for some sort of vinyl just because it is so practical and modern vinyl can look very good too. Ours is a very convincing wood effect but they do lots of different patterns.

grommit Fri 07-Mar-03 10:20:04

Sobernow - don't go for laminate wood - even if the type recommended for kitchen/bathroom. We have this and it is starting to come up after only 6 months!

snickers Fri 07-Mar-03 11:21:21

EmaaTMG - I think you have the same floor tiles as me!!! I love them, but they are cool (not cold like quarry tiles - I used to have them too) and clean easily. I am currently concerned about poor DDs hands and knees though when she starts crawling - but I guess this won't be for long.

In hindsight, if we had the money (cause I think it's quite expensive, depending on how much floor you have to cover) old fashioned linoleum is making a huge comeback - it can be cut into amazing designs, comes in fabulous colours, is naturally antiseptic and warm to the touch, and cushioned. Having seen it on teevee recently made me wish I'd looked into it.
Batey: is Marmoleum the brand name for it? Or is it a linoleum hybrid or something else?

reager Fri 07-Mar-03 22:02:47

Amtico is fantastic for the kitchen. Ours has been through hell and back and still looks great. Would have the whole house done in it if I could chose again!

susanmt Mon 10-Mar-03 00:50:43

We just got a new kitchen floor - Wickes slates with their own brand underfloor heating underneath. Rough enough to be safe when wet, lovely warm colours, (slatey grey and browns), and even with the heating on low the whole room is warm in the morning and the floor warm to the touch - we have all given up wearing slippers. Very hard wearing and we are delighted - and the grey grout means it doesnt show any dirt. We took up quarry tiles to put this down and we LOVE it!

Bron Mon 10-Mar-03 09:46:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Joso Tue 11-Mar-03 20:00:23

Was looking in B&Q just this very day and saw this great looking flooring which is kind of laminate tiles. It looks like slate but it's warm under the feet, was very sleek and modern looking. I think it's by the same brand who do that click in wood effect laminate flooring. Not too expensive either. But just for the record we have Amtico in our bathroom...yes it's pricey but soooo hardwearing and looks FAB!!

sobernow Tue 11-Mar-03 20:21:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lorne Tue 11-Mar-03 21:46:06

Have you seen the Karndean Flooring? It is really nice. It is actually very hard wearing lino but you wouls never know. It comes in all designs - tiles, wooden floorig, etc. It is about £35 - £45/m2 but worth it as it looks so good. Worth having a look at.

anto Fri 14-Mar-03 16:26:29

Just adding my twopennorth in favour of Amtico. A friend has it in her kitchen. I honestly always thought it was expensive wood (it's a birdseye Maple finish) and have always been envious. Couldn't believe it when she told me it was Amtico. They had a new v. expensive kitchen fitted but kept the old flooring (inherited from previous owners) b/c it was so great for 2 small kids - warm and quiet underfoot and easy to clean. We are having a new bathroom and I am going to get a price for Amtico - although I know it's expensive it's very hardwearing and has a 25-yr guarantee.

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