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Carpet fitting

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nutcracker Sun 13-Mar-05 11:32:25

If i have carpet fitted in 3 rooms at the same time, will i only have to pay one lot of fitting charges or 3.

Have been trying to look for off cuts for the kids rooms but they aren't that cheap compared to what i'd pay off the roll.

If I have the same carpet off the roll fitted in all 3 rooms on the same day, will that work out cheaper, or will they charge me 3 lots of fitting charge ??

munnzieb Sun 13-Mar-05 11:46:55

can't help on the price, but when I had 3 rooms done (well FR, hall and stairs) it only took them an hour and half to do it in (and two cups of tea)

i'd assume it would be all one call out price?

nutcracker Sun 13-Mar-05 12:13:16

Hmm hope so as can't afford 3 lots of fitting charges.

Time frame sounds good, would be great if i could get all 3 rooms done that quickly.

Socci Sun 13-Mar-05 12:32:34

Message withdrawn

SeaShells Sun 13-Mar-05 12:32:40

When we had our carpets fitted we had front room, dinning room and bedroom done, we paid per sq. meter to be fitted. They were amazingly fast!

Jbck Sun 13-Mar-05 16:03:42

It's usually per square metre regardless unless there are stairs involved & they are a bit dearer. We had four bedrooms, stairs inside 3 big fitted wardrobes & understairs cupboard done in a morning (long one mind you but still)

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