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Jane Indy Plus Isofix carseat - help!

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Ellaroo Sun 13-Mar-05 08:35:25

I wonder if anyone has one of these. When I have extended the isofix points on the carseat and try and get it into the isofix points in the car, the extended bits just slides back in so that I can't install it. I'm used to installing a Britax isofix, so don't think I'm doing anything wrong - this one locks into place so you can put pressure on the points without it sliding back in. Is my seat broken or is this a problem that everyone has with the seat? Thanks!

Hulababy Sun 13-Mar-05 21:33:36

Ellaroo - we have one and it is more fiddly than the Britax isn't it? Now last time I did find away of keeping it forward...but I can't think. Argh! I will try and remember to have a look tomorrow for you if that is okay?

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