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0 - 6 months toys

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kama Sat 12-Mar-05 16:51:56

Message withdrawn

kama Sat 12-Mar-05 16:54:22

Message withdrawn

Flip Sat 12-Mar-05 16:54:40

Hi Kama. My little boy really liked this when he was tiny. It says from six months but he had it younger than that. Whenever we went out for a meal it would be the toy we took because he'd spend ages playing with it.

kama Sat 12-Mar-05 16:56:13

Message withdrawn

Flip Sat 12-Mar-05 16:58:20

Kama, there is something very similar available at ASDA. It has five sides though. It looks the same but has more activities for the same money.

kikidee Sat 12-Mar-05 22:22:18

Kama, my ds loved
he's now 11 months old and still played with it until a couple of months ago when we lost it.
He also liked the Baby Einstein set of 4 soft cubes, you can get them from Mothercare I think. Also the Blossom Farm soft activity cube from ELC. An inflatable activity ring is brilliant from about 4 months old. He used to sit in it and I put all his toys round about him and he could choose what he wanted to look at.

ionesmum Sat 12-Mar-05 22:26:14

Cloth books with lots of textures and sounds. Amazon do a range.

HUNKERMUNKER Sat 12-Mar-05 22:28:44

DS LOVES books (the That's Not My ones especially...), always has. He liked the Tiny Love octopus (especially the orange foot) you can get from Mothercare. There were a couple of rattles he really loved from ELC too - a seahorse one and a fish one that played tunes. And a teether that was several keys on a ring (again from Mothercare).

Now he really likes Peek-A-Block things (especially the train), but his favourites are the TV remote, the phone, my mobile and pulling specs off people's faces Anything he can shake is also a good bet - he has some stacking cups from Mothercare (£3) that he shakes violently (whilst blinking cautiously) until they fly all over the place.

mummytosteven Sat 12-Mar-05 22:31:18

ooh yes, activity triangle is fab

ds also really liked this lamaze cube:

ionesmum Sat 12-Mar-05 23:04:59

Actually dd2's favourite toy is a half filled junior bottle of Evian, but I don't suppose that's really what you are after!

WestCountryLass Sat 12-Mar-05 23:37:01

My DDs got a fabric book from ELC that has flaps to lift, it is very tactile with different fabrics to feel etc and she loves investigating it

SenoraPostrophe Sat 12-Mar-05 23:39:01

dd always liked household things more than toys at that age. Books with cruchy bits in went down fairly well a bit later though.

kama Sun 13-Mar-05 13:27:44

Message withdrawn

tassis Sun 13-Mar-05 15:37:36

You might also want to have some smaller things that she can hold herself? It's often very tempting to buy big expensive things, but wee rattles can be great at this age.

(also suggest a wooden spoon - easy to hold, good to chew, most people have one!!)

kama Sun 13-Mar-05 19:10:29

Message withdrawn

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