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Birthday present from DD to DH?

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franch Sat 12-Mar-05 11:58:11

DD (13m) 'gave' me a brilliant top for mother's day with MY MUMMY ROCKS on it (for her to wear, not me!). I want to get something equally sweet-but-cool for DH from DD for his birthday. Any ideas?

Earlybird Sat 12-Mar-05 12:03:48

What about one of those framed plaster handprints/footprints from dd? Think you can get them at Peter Jones/John Lewis, and they're honestly not tacky.

pipsy1 Sat 12-Mar-05 13:21:34

Have you tried They do teeshirts, fleeces, bits and bobs with daddycool logo on them which are nice

HUNKERMUNKER Sat 12-Mar-05 13:27:12

Can you take her to make a plate/mug with her handprint on? Am thinking of doing that with DS for Father's Day.

Nemo1977 Sat 12-Mar-05 13:28:49

i got dh a personalised mouse mat for his cimputer with a pic of ds on and I love you daddy written across the top. Was from ebay and was only 4.99

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