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Grout whitening pens?

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Jbck Sat 12-Mar-05 09:23:53

Has anyone used this type of thing & were they any good? I'm fed up scrubbing & short of re-doing my whole kitchen floor & shower interior I can't seem to get it as white as I'd like. I've used Cilit Bang, lemon juice & neat bleach. We've just put house up for sale so I'd like them to be gleaming but don't want to go to too much bother & expense.

irishbird Sat 12-Mar-05 09:26:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SoupDragon Sat 12-Mar-05 09:33:47

If it's just to tart up our house for sale then it'll be OK. I've used something called "Brilliant tile grout whitener" that somes ina tube like toothepaste but witha sponge on the end. I got mine from Lakeland but have sen it elsewere. It worked well on my kitchen wall tiles. Says to leave it "12-24 hours to cure before having a bath or shower"

Jbck Sat 12-Mar-05 09:52:55

Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to the DIY shops I go. Thanks folks.

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