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Help me choose a new car...

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tortoiseshell Fri 11-Mar-05 17:39:56

I know there have been about three million threads on this, and I have just trawled through them, but think I need specific help! Our car is about to fail its MOT irreparably, and I think the only option is to replace it. We have 2 children, but definitely want 1 more, and maybe 2. SO, do we go for a car that will seat 3 children, or look further ahead and have provision for childrens' friends etc.

I hate MPVs as a general rule - living in the city I seem to curse them on a daily basis when I can't get out of my car because they are too wide in the parking space (no criticism of anyone who's got one, just my own personal view). The only one I could ever see myself liking is the Zafira (within my own very limited knowledge of cars). If going for a smaller car, I quite like the Ford Focus, and I quite like the Vauxhall Meriva, though that one is really wide.

What would you do? We don't have a huge amount to spend, and will probably get something 2nd hand - any suggestions?


tortoiseshell Fri 11-Mar-05 18:10:37


tiptop Fri 11-Mar-05 18:20:34

Sorry this is just a short post. I have a Zafira and it's great. I have 2 children and pull out extra seats once a week on average. I read somewhere (the Sat/Sun Times?) that the Zafira only scored 3 stars out of 5 in a safety test and that concerns me. I think that's something that I will pay very close attention to when we next change our car. Apart from that, the only other thing I can mention is that the vision is not as good as it could be at the edge of the windscreen. That bit that's between the windscreen and the little window next to the driver's window is quite bulky and you have to check carefully before pulling out or whatever. Sorry, this isn't a short post after all, is it?!! Oh, and if you get a Zafira, I think the darker interiors are best. Especially if your kids like football and trips to the beach and you're not a Kim and Aggie type who cleans the car regularly! And yet one more thing - I've got the car mats with velcro type backs and they're great. Much better than the cheapie ones. Hth!

WideWebWitch Fri 11-Mar-05 18:57:44

Tortoiseshell, I've posted everything I know on the other threads and I don't know anything about MPVs but I just wanted to say if you want to drive my Focus to see if you like it you're most welcome - we could do it before/after a walk one day.

tortoiseshell Fri 11-Mar-05 19:23:49

That would be great www - you never know till you try one what they're like, and I know NOTHING about cars! Thanks tiptop - I'm definitely going to look at the Zafira too, seems spacious without being a total monster on the roads!

tiptop Sat 12-Mar-05 21:52:23

tortoiseshell - You're welcome. I think the Zafira is so easy to reverse and park. I drove my dh's Astra today and it's much harder to judge the parking distance in it, and I'm a very confident driver when parking. Btw, I have the super-duper gadget that means that you can make the driver and passenger wing mirrors adjust by pressing a button and that means that you can bring the white parking bay line into view easily (when reversing into a parking bay) and return the mirror to it's normal position easily once parked. It's a gadget that I'd insist on in every car in future. Sorry, I'm becoming a Zafira bore, aren't I?!

tortoiseshell Sun 13-Mar-05 18:22:18

Does anyone know anything about the Skoda Fabia estate? I think we're going to look at this one, and the ones I already mentioned. Never thought I would consider driving a Skoda.....!

tiptop Mon 14-Mar-05 12:15:29

tortoiseshell - Bumping this for you. Also, I saw an ad for the car that (I think) got 5 stars in the test that I heard about, so now I know the name. It was the Renault Grand Scenic. Good luck with your search!

Gobbledigook Mon 14-Mar-05 12:23:39

If I were in your shoes now, I'd go for the biggest you can get if you plan for at least one more. We bought our Mondeo when we only had ds1 and now we have 3ds's I wish we'd gone for a Galaxy or something with 7 seats. They all fit in the Mondeo fine but as they get bigger and we want to transport bikes, friends, grandparents on family outings etc, I think a 7 seater will be better.

FWIW, I'm looking to get a Volvo XC70 when I can afford it!

Janh Mon 14-Mar-05 13:00:26

Yorkiegirl recently test drove the Grand Scenic and was v disappointed with the width across the middle seat; she said you wouldn't be able to fit 3 child seats across and would always have to use one of the rear seats to carry more than 2. She is getting a new Zafira!

If you do get a secondhand Zafira, tortoiseshell, try to get an 03 model or later because they have three shoulder belts in the middle row instead of 2 and a lap belt. (I have a Zafira and am very happy with it except for one or two niggly convenience issues - like that lap belt - mine is an 02 model, 52 reg.)

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