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Where Can I Buy a Reasonably Priced Cot Bed Duvet & Cover

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jumpyjan Mon 03-Nov-08 08:25:58

DD is about to burst out of her gro bag so want to move onto a cot bed duvet. I have tried mothercare etc but it seems so pricey - can anyone recommend somewhere a bit cheaper?

GuysballsintheSky Mon 03-Nov-08 08:29:18

Depends what you want. I bought one from Ikea on Fri, duvet and pillow for £12 and two covers for about £6 each. I bought them to try to tempt dd back into her cot and they seem fine. Pillow is thin enough not to worry me about suffocation!

jumpyjan Mon 03-Nov-08 08:35:07

wow that is good. wont be able to go to ikea for ages though as not one near me. Perhaps I could get a spare cover there which would bring the price down a lot. Thanks.

lizziemun Mon 03-Nov-08 08:35:10

I got this one


pannetone Mon 03-Nov-08 22:10:09

Be careful with sizes. IKEA cot quilts and covers are 110cm x 125cm. The one Lizziemum has linked to is 100cm x120cm. My cot bed one is 120cm x150cm. Mine was from an ebay shop. Asda direct online are selling a 4.5 tog one for £6! (But £5 p&p). I'm going to buy a spare. Agree covers are pricey - 2 of mine again came from ebay shops and one from Jojo Maman Bebe.

gigglewitch Mon 03-Nov-08 22:21:40

I got dd's from Dunelm here and this in the shops they have a much wider range grin

gigglewitch Mon 03-Nov-08 22:25:36

blush my first link should've been this - not back to your thread, obv...

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