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Are you still madly in love with your GHDs?

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franke Fri 11-Mar-05 10:20:02

I've read some of the threads on here where people got some ghd hair straighteners and found them life-changing. Since having babies I've become wirey-haired and spotty (and I wear Birkenstocks) [wince emoticon]. Now I can dump the Birks and I can cover up my spots but will GHDs complete the transformation?
What I really want to know is whether those of you who bought GHDs and raved about them would still rave about them 6 months or a year down the line. Or are they now at the back of the bathroom cupboard along with the carmen rollers and the foot spa?
They are expensive and I don't really want to shell out if people found them to be a five minute wonder; I'd rather spend the money on something else like, er, going to the hairdresser

Cod Fri 11-Mar-05 10:20:52

Message withdrawn

Gobbledigook Fri 11-Mar-05 10:22:36

Don't use mine really, just blow dry it straight.

Bearess Fri 11-Mar-05 10:22:36

Birkenstocks are the height of fashion you know!

sweetheart Fri 11-Mar-05 10:25:33

I brought Thermo one's instead of GHD's - they are much cheaper and just as good.

I use mine nearly ever day and are worth every penny.

Try this website

sweetkitty Fri 11-Mar-05 10:25:48

have used mine twice in the past 6 months but my hair is very straight anyway (why did I buy them I don't know) and it's always tied abck these days to stop it being eaten

SoupDragon Fri 11-Mar-05 10:27:33

I bought some very very cheap straighteners with my boots points and they've changed my life. However, I only use them to straighten the stupid kink out of my fringe, nothing else.

I'd spend the money on going to the hairdressers where someone else wahses your hair and dries it for you. Bliss.

hotmama Fri 11-Mar-05 10:32:58

I still love my GHD's.

I had previously bought some cheaper irons from Boots - but they weren't very good and broke - twice. So I took the plunge and invested in some GHD's - I use them everyday and think they are worth the cash paid. The big bonus is that they heat up so quickly - time being a priority when dd starts moaning.

Allegra Fri 11-Mar-05 10:38:22

Bought them after reading reviews on mumsnet and then only used them twice. Neat and well groomed hair just doesn't match the rest of my look or personality! I prefer the windswept look -otherwise known as dragged through a hedge backwards An expensive mistake.

franke Fri 11-Mar-05 10:44:34

Allegra. Why is it that I identify with your post? Groomed is something I've never been in my life. Is it realistic of me to aspire to it now at 37? Am I having a midlife crisis?

Bearess, are Birks still the height of fashion or have they been subsumed by the wirey-haired spotty brigade? I live in Germany at the moment where they are still standard hospital issue - I get some very odd looks.

I'm leaning towards 'don't buy' unless someone can convince me otherwise.

ZoeB Fri 11-Mar-05 10:44:35

My GHDs and the Rabbit (see Rabbit thread) are the gadgets that i will NEVER give up !!! my hair was shite crazy mad badger women but now shiny locks fantastic things !!!
p.s please dont get usage confused

PuffTheMagicDragon Fri 11-Mar-05 10:47:02

I've resisted buying them because the irons I have (which weren't particularly cheap), dry my hair out horribly. I'm not convinced that GHD's won't do the same.

ZoeB Fri 11-Mar-05 10:49:30

Buy iron oil it protects your hair. With GHDs you really dont have to use daily as first results stay in . I have mad course hair and only need to straighten evry other day and only bits not whole head.

Bearess Fri 11-Mar-05 10:51:29

franke - they have been very hot stuff in UK for last two summers so don't know if they are now going off the boil a bit but I love mine. I lived in Germany for a year 93-94 and used to take the mickey out of birkenstocks but now they are fashionable I am so shallow that I wear them! Before I get told off for hijacking, I have used my GHD's once, I don;t really have the patience for sectioning my hair etc but they are undoubtedly v. good.

hotmama Fri 11-Mar-05 10:55:13

I'm nearly 38 and thought the badger look was still 'in'. Zoeb - you made me larf.

I have found that my GHD's don't dry my hair like other ones. I apply someJohn Frieda Frizz Ease first - seems to do the job - I don't have particularly 'frizzy' hair just fine and flyaway - now have luscious locks (when not dipped in posset etc)

ZoeB Fri 11-Mar-05 11:10:35

Thanks hotmama iwas thinking of changing my name to "threadkiller"

CountessDracula Fri 11-Mar-05 11:12:49

Still love mine, as my hair is very grey and coarse it takes the frizz out. I don't do it straight but kind of wavy tho

ZoeB Fri 11-Mar-05 11:18:43

You can do curls with GHds bit tricky

ja9 Fri 11-Mar-05 11:19:03

i love mine more every day.......

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