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Remember the Fisher Price record players from the 70's?

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gingerninja Sun 02-Nov-08 19:45:13

Can you think of anything comparable that would suit a 2 year old?

If they still made them it would be perfect. CD's are a no go as they get scratched. Tapes also damaged. MP3 type things have less interaction. My DD loves loading up the stereo and playing music but I can't let her loose with CD's.

Why don't they still make them? I've seen some on ebay but they're very expensive.

TrinityRhino Sun 02-Nov-08 19:45:54

I had one
I loved it alot

RuthT Sun 02-Nov-08 19:48:04

I have one still as my parents saved it.

There is something sort of similar from Woolworths, it looks like a mini hi fi but you put these discs in and it plays the songs on the disk. My dd loves it and she is 3.

Egg Sun 02-Nov-08 19:49:44

There is one here.

DippyDora Sun 02-Nov-08 19:50:18

this one is cheap but ends in 2 mins

gingerninja Sun 02-Nov-08 19:52:55

Ooh I'll look in Woolies, thanks.

Thanks for the link Egg, I've been watching them on ebay. They go for quite a lot.

gingerninja Sun 02-Nov-08 19:58:36

Ruth is it possible for you to link to it? I've searched Woolies website but can't find anything.

slayerette Sun 02-Nov-08 20:02:58

Here it is

asdmumandteacher Sun 02-Nov-08 20:03:55

Have still got one!smile

slayerette Sun 02-Nov-08 20:05:20

I had the Fisher Price one - I loved it! One of the songs on mine was Camptown Races - why do I remember that and what were the others?!

Beauregard Sun 02-Nov-08 20:05:42

I still have mine at mom and dads but it is old now and a bit shaky when it plays lol.

RuthT Sun 02-Nov-08 20:07:24

This is it slayerette

Mutt Sun 02-Nov-08 20:09:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bratnav Sun 02-Nov-08 20:10:37

DD2 had the little stereo from Woolies and loved it for years, She was heartbroken when it recently 'got lost in the move' and she is now 5.

KanyedFrot Sun 02-Nov-08 20:11:41

Au Clair de la Lune was on the purple disc

Can remember Camptown Races

Think there might have been Three Blind Mice?

Had compeltely forgotten about it until now grin

Hope you find something

gingerninja Sun 02-Nov-08 20:11:46

Oh that's brilliant thanks Slayer and Ruth

They were brilliant weren't they? Wish we'd kept our toys. I adored my tree house too, I'm sure DD would love it just as much. I'm sure they ended up at some car boot sale a few years ago

Mutt Sun 02-Nov-08 20:20:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

slayerette Sun 02-Nov-08 20:22:36

Oh - Edelweiss! I loved that. And Clair de Lune is still one of my favourite pieces - we had it at our wedding (not played on the Fisher Price record player though! grin)

Oh, I miss it...

EachPeachPearMum Sun 02-Nov-08 20:30:50

My favourite was Eidelweiss!

I bought DD one from ebay, as we loved ours so much when we were little. They do come up on there quite frequently tbh.

npg1 Sun 02-Nov-08 21:21:23

Im sure Tesco have some of these toys, let me go and find catalogue and find out!

npg1 Sun 02-Nov-08 21:29:01

sorry to get everyone excited, tesco do the snoop and sniff dog, xylophone and tv. maybe in time they will bring ut the record player?

DippyDora Sun 02-Nov-08 21:42:15

npg could you post a link to the TV. I tried to find it but couldnt

Spaceman Sun 02-Nov-08 21:46:03

Awww I had one of those. My DD plays with what is left of it when we go and see my parents. She hasn't got a clue what it is though being part of the ipod generation.

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