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Skipping rope that changes colour ?!!!!

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Cocobabe Sun 02-Nov-08 16:52:46

Hiya my dd has requested a skipping rope that changes colour for Xmas - does such rope exists ?!my dd says she saw it on tv but I havent seen or heard of it .If it does exist can anyone tell me what's it called ?

katylou25 Sun 02-Nov-08 17:16:13

Ive seen these advertised but can't for the life of me think what they're called - think they light up as they move ??? hmm?? So they do at least exist...

iheartdusty Sun 02-Nov-08 17:17:06

rainbow skipper or something like that

sorry no time to do link

Seona1973 Sun 02-Nov-08 19:53:40

rainbow skipper

MascaraOHara Sun 02-Nov-08 19:55:13

my dd has one.. they are shite (unless you skip in the dark)

Cocobabe Sun 02-Nov-08 20:11:20

Thanks - so indeed they exist !

massivepants Sun 02-Nov-08 20:15:24

my dd loves hers, cool in the dark, take photos!

Plonker Sun 02-Nov-08 20:22:51

Ahh yes, the much coveted rainbow skipper (or is that just in my house grin)

Boots are selling them as part of their 3 for 2 stuff look here

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