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Boots basic range

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Branster Thu 10-Mar-05 21:27:19

It's sooo cheap!

chonky Thu 10-Mar-05 21:45:34

Is it any good?

albosmum Thu 10-Mar-05 22:02:19

toothbrushes last about 2 goes plus baby bath quite weak but good if you are away and just want to dump it

Branster Thu 10-Mar-05 23:48:27

today i did my first purchase from this range: a pack of 20 nappies for £1.89. seing that DD only wears them at night and they're always dry in the morning, yet she insists on wearing one every night, I figured i'm wasting a lot of money on those normal nappies. so they have their uses by the looks of it.

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