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Lindam Easy Fit Plus Stairgate

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likessleep Sat 01-Nov-08 08:38:55

Does anyone know if this stairgate can be attached by screws or is it only pressure mounted? I've been on the Lindam website and it isn't clear to me.

Thanks muchly!

DraculaNeedsArteries Sat 01-Nov-08 08:45:23

It implies that it is a pressure fit.

But it states that there is "no need for drilling or screws" so it must be pressure mounted.

Many like this though give your the option of either/or


likessleep Sat 01-Nov-08 09:06:43

thanks dracula. tbh, we want screwed in as it is for the top of the stairs.
it is one of the few that will fit (with extensions)
thanks for posting

DraculaNeedsArteries Sat 01-Nov-08 09:12:09

Thats OK, I wasn't sure which way you were aiming. TBH for a top of the stairs gate I would recommend something like this if you can get one wied enough as I (personally) think that the trip0 bar on the modelyou showed is dangerous at the top of the stairs.

I know that it cannot always be done though with the gap size.

babyjjbaby Sat 01-Nov-08 14:44:14

no it can only be pressure fiotted as i have 3 of them but i prefer the screw in ones the no tripones go quite big i think and don't mark the walls like pressure fit

likessleep Sat 01-Nov-08 16:26:54

we've actually gone for the lindam extending metal one (£17.99). it isn't much to look at, but extends wide, no trip bar and is screwed to the wall. fingers crossed we get on ok with it!
thanks for posting

DoNotAttempttoblowupparliament Sat 01-Nov-08 16:50:41

I've got it and it is pretty good and v easy to open (for adults). Better than the others we have around the house (apart from a mothercare one which is discontinued)

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