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Silk pillowcases?

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franch Thu 10-Mar-05 18:46:40

Anyone know where you can get these?

Cod Thu 10-Mar-05 18:48:53

Message withdrawn

franch Thu 10-Mar-05 18:52:29

You star, coddy - for some reason I didn't get that site when I googled

Cod Thu 10-Mar-05 18:53:53

Message withdrawn

franch Thu 10-Mar-05 18:55:50

TwinSetAndPearls Thu 10-Mar-05 18:56:17

silk pillow cases are listed in Good Housekeeping as a time saving measure!! Apparantly they do not damage your hairdo!

franch Thu 10-Mar-05 18:58:03

Um, that's why I'm buying one TSP!!!

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