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Lightweight buggy question.....

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marmaspook Fri 31-Oct-08 11:10:52

I currently have a bugaboo. Dd2 is 18 months and will be in a buggy for the next year or more. I keep eyeing up maclaren strollers and am thinking of switching to one. but! can they be pushed with one hand and are they easy to fold? Also which is the best one to get for the least money?

TIA smile

aniseed Fri 31-Oct-08 11:17:25

I have a maclaren techno, costs about £155 but really worth it. It is easy to clean, lightweight, sturdy (has bigger wheels than other lightweights, easy to fold, lies flat, nice basket underneath, etc. I'm not sure about being easy to push with one hand though. Handles can be made longer too for taller people. Also comes with accessories and you can buy footmuff, etc.

WhereWolfTheWildThingsWere Fri 31-Oct-08 11:23:47

I have a maclaren tecno xt and I love it, however for a second buggy I would get this I've used my sil's it's lovely and is all you need.(Comes in other colours too, lime is nice)

marmaspook Fri 31-Oct-08 11:44:27

Thanks! When I say push with one hand (tht's just when I'm holding dd1 hand/coffee/phone momentarily!) My bugaboo is so asy to steer and I have a second buggy which I think is a britax and it is virtually like trying to steer a rogue supermarket trolley. i hate it!

carrielou2007 Fri 31-Oct-08 12:28:06

Maclaren quest, silver cross dazzle, silver cross pop (same as xt but lower in cost, lighter so can push one handed and not school sock grey).

There is no recline at all in volo so you wouldn't be able to use for naps or for holidays etc.

Hop on over the pushchair addicts thread, there are a lot of maclaren fans there. We had a 'pop' weekend last week where 3 people bought them (selling mine in candy so wo't be in the club!!)

SammyK Fri 31-Oct-08 12:30:34

I love maclarens, DS had two that we wore the wheels out on (my buggies see a lot of miles as walk everywhere), and I now have one for childminding.

They are fab to push with one hand, I often have to do this, and fold great too. IMO they are well worth the money.

Cheesesarnie Fri 31-Oct-08 12:32:05 go for quest or xt

horsemadgal Fri 31-Oct-08 12:36:02

I'd have thought if you were used to Bugaboo then you'd hate a MacLaren. They are difficult to push one handed with a toddler in.
How about a Bee? Or a Zapp? I loved my Zapp but I know some folks hate them.

carrielou2007 Fri 31-Oct-08 12:42:42

Funny, that's exactly why I'm not a maclaren fan HMG as they feel cheap and rattley compared to my bug!!

I do still have one though for holidays etc, couldn't use one everyday, too flimsy (though no-one else ever agrees with me!!)

OP sure I can't tempt you with my pop???

Cheesesarnie Fri 31-Oct-08 12:46:54

carrie -'We had a 'pop' weekend last week where 3 people bought them (selling mine in candy so wo't be in the club!!) '

do you actually have whatever pushchair clubs????shock

horsemadgal Fri 31-Oct-08 12:56:24

carrielou, Pop is one of the few strollers that I actually liked. My SIL has one but handles too high for me.

carrielou2007 Fri 31-Oct-08 13:00:02

No we have a pushchair addicts thread, two mnetters were chatting about them, 2 bought same day then a third based on their findings, mine was already going to be sold as it is not for me.

Was just a bit of a joke really, some people like their flash tv's, some people like their boden clothes, we like pushchairs so I'll go back to it now then.

wastingmyeducation Fri 31-Oct-08 13:01:24

Has anyone tried the Silver Cross Fizz?


carrielou2007 Fri 31-Oct-08 13:06:00

Yes but am in a huff like a child now so can't answer.

Cheesesarnie Fri 31-Oct-08 13:07:37

because of me?blush sorry wasnt being nasty.just asking

carrielou2007 Fri 31-Oct-08 13:11:30

Ok, admit to a bit pmt, was just a joke really and yes we really do love out buggies and chat about them that much (ex p would turn up and say is that antoher buggy and I would roll my eyes at him saying he must've noticed it before when really I had just bought it)

aniseed Sat 01-Nov-08 21:16:43

I did have a silver cross pop which i really liked but after about 6 months the leg thing broke so couldn't prop it up.

nicolamumof3 Sun 02-Nov-08 11:30:34

I would go for maclaren every time, have lifetime warranty as they are built to go on forever.

naomi83 Sun 02-Nov-08 14:24:00

if you want something that's lighter than a bug but with a one hand push and a one hand fold, as well as a fab sun hood i'd go for a baby jogger city mini. My friend in the states uses it as her second buggy, and I was so jealous when I tried it out when we were visiting a few months ago. She basically now never uses her cameleon as she swears this is so much easier to use. If only we had a bit of spare cash I would get one for myself. envy Here's some reveiws:

horsemadgal Sun 02-Nov-08 22:07:04

OO yes I heard those Baby Joggers were fab, I so want to try one.

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