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Was cleaning my dyson beater bar and it has come out

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Pawslikepaddington Thu 30-Oct-08 18:27:00

and won't go back in again. Dyson website no help-what can I do? angry

misi Fri 31-Oct-08 01:49:50

keep gently fiddling with it. mine took ages to get back in and I deliberately took it out so I thought I knew how it went back!!
dyson customer services are crap

Pawslikepaddington Fri 31-Oct-08 03:01:34

Yes, I rang them and they insinuated I had stolen my dyson as I hadn't registered it on purchase angry. They told me how to do it though, but with a few snide remarks thrown in-Sir Dyson would be cross if he knew how bad they were!

misi Fri 31-Oct-08 13:27:07

write and tell him, I did and I got a voucher for new filters worth £20!!

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