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Childs Table and Chairs

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babysbreath Thu 30-Oct-08 16:47:57

I would like to buy my daughter who is nearly 18 months a tiny table with chair, so that she can sit and scribble etc.

Any recommendations for a little set?

hatrickortreat Thu 30-Oct-08 16:50:12

Message withdrawn

mckenzie Thu 30-Oct-08 16:52:14

we got ours from norway (DH was on a business trip). It could be a highchair too but we always used it as a chair with a table in front, all in one if that makes sense. I'll have a quick look on Ebay and see if I can see somehting similar. It was great because it couldn't tip up, was very compant. Not so good in that the little ones can climb out of it but it never tipped up though.
Ikea do good table and chair sets that you can mix and match but they take up more space and are usually coloured plastic.

hatrickortreat Thu 30-Oct-08 16:52:19

Message withdrawn

mckenzie Thu 30-Oct-08 16:56:07

there were quite a few on Ebay babysbreath but nothing like the Norwegian one. Shame, I think it was a great contraption. Like the Ikea one it had a edge to it so things couldn't fall of and it was very easy to wipe clean. i wish I could remember where I'd put it or who I'd given it to!!!

MissAnthrope Thu 30-Oct-08 16:59:48

DD got this one from Ikea for her birthday a couple of weeks ago.

She loves it.

babysbreath Thu 30-Oct-08 17:01:49

Wow, thank you for all your responses.

I think it is a trip to IKEA, which I never look forward to!

UmMwahahahaaaaa Thu 30-Oct-08 17:09:53

we (and just about everyone we know - except one friend who has one similar to mckenzie's one) have the Svala one. We have painted it in blackboard paint and dd loves drawing on it.

squeakypop Thu 30-Oct-08 17:14:50


mummyineedyounow Mon 03-Nov-08 22:32:48

We have these from John Lewis, great quality, no sharp edges/corners, used virtually every day for the last 3 years and worth every penny!

mum2GKH Mon 03-Nov-08 23:12:37

that looks nice mummy, did you get the animal chairs too?

QueenFee Mon 03-Nov-08 23:15:56

A friend of mine made a collage on top of the above ikea one and varnished it over - looked lovely and made it more personal. I think I will do this with mine now as it is covered in scribble grin

ChasingSquirrels Mon 03-Nov-08 23:21:08

Ikea Svala here aswell, blackboard paint - what a fantastic idea, ours is varnished but needs redoing...does the chalk get onto everything they put on it?
Friend decorated hers with child's handprints in red and blue then varnished.

mummyineedyounow Mon 03-Nov-08 23:28:06

yes, we have the frog and teddy bear but they have bought out quite a few different ones since we got ours. We also have the matching toybox which is really nice.

samsonara Mon 03-Nov-08 23:46:15

We have Ikea Mammut chairs and their Lack tables in red.

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