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i need a wooden garage!!!!!!!!!!toy not real obviously!

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Cheesesarnie Wed 29-Oct-08 21:58:09

the one i wanted from letterbox is out of stock.i had my heart set on it as perfect gift for ds2.sad
this was the one i like

singyswife Wed 29-Oct-08 22:00:38


pooter Wed 29-Oct-08 22:07:55

your wish is my command im looking for one for my DS too for christmas, but i think im going for the PLAN one.

littlelapin Wed 29-Oct-08 22:10:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Cheesesarnie Wed 29-Oct-08 22:15:50

pooter-how fantastic are you and your name!

oooh thanks lapin.whoops

pooter Wed 29-Oct-08 22:20:22

ooh, i didnt know the plan one connects to railway tracks, thats even better than i thought!!! ta ll
do you know what pooter means cheesy?

Cheesesarnie Wed 29-Oct-08 22:21:11


pooter Wed 29-Oct-08 22:29:21

no - its a weird little bit of apparatus used in biology lessons for sucking up insects into a plastic container so you can study them. And although its meant to be impossible, one boy in one of my classes ages ago managed to inhale an ant through one. How i laughed grin!!

So are you getting the garage then? Tell me what its like if you do - i still havent made up my mind about it.

Cheesesarnie Wed 29-Oct-08 22:33:15

grin my ds2 calls our computer the pooter so now we all do-im disapointed now!grin

i think so but i also like look of the elc one on other thread-the wooden ive never used amazon before!

littlelapin Wed 29-Oct-08 22:39:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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