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Child Car Seat - Porsche 911 (997)

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xavier Wed 09-Mar-05 21:34:31

My husband is, very practically for us, just about to buy himself a Porsche 997. We understand that we don't necessarily have to buy the Porsche car seat for our 2 year old (at nearly £400) but that some other makes of car seat will fit - does anyone out know what these other makes are?

Davros Thu 10-Mar-05 17:55:46

We just put the ordinary car seat in the back. Can't even remember what make it is, but it fits OK. Its the one after tiny baby but for baby-toddler (DD is 2 this w/e). I can ask DH more if you like as he always seems to be on his own when he and DD go out for a burn up

hub2dee Fri 11-Mar-05 16:51:11

Just out of interest, would you suggest that trying to fasten newborns into the back of a 2 door is asking for back trouble ?

We've got a Saab convertible which I'm planning on selling as I can imagine trying to place a newborn / car seat into the back through the front door / dangly seat belt thingy would be a thoroughly unpleasant experience...

Am I mistaken ?

starlover Fri 11-Mar-05 16:52:38

hmm, do you already have your carseat hub2dee?
if so you can practice with it now!

misdee Fri 11-Mar-05 16:54:12

hub2dee i found it a nightmare on a 2 door car.

wheresmyfroggy Fri 11-Mar-05 16:56:24

We had a 2 door when dd was born and it was okay as we had a carseat with an in car base. Changed car when dd was about 6 months though.

Davros Fri 11-Mar-05 17:23:27

I didn't have a problem with 2 door car BUT I never, ever took the car seat out. I was paranoid about getting it back in (had bad experience one, crying in street).

hub2dee Fri 11-Mar-05 17:39:44

LOL @ starlover. That's actually a rather good idea... but no, I haven't yet bought it. Was contemplating an Isofix vs. Maxi Cosi so haven't made up my mind yet. Nothing like a deadline to sharpen the mind though. Next time we're with friends-with-baby I'll give it a spin.

Thanks to the other posters too.

I had been thinking about a system with a base, froggy, as that will be quicker to snap in place, for example. Handy when my fat ass is sticking out of my car, feet dangling and my head is somewhere near Sydney...

Slightly different question: How old do kids need to be before they can fasten their own buckles / belts ? Maybe we could keep the Saab !!!!

Davros Fri 11-Mar-05 17:52:03

If you're not going to struggle gettig the seat in and out but only the baby/child then I rather think that 2 door cars are better. They can't even try to open doors and there's no handle to play with

hub2dee Fri 11-Mar-05 18:25:23

Davros - haven't you flicked the 'child lock' on your rear doors ??? That ought to stop the little blighters !

Davros Fri 11-Mar-05 20:48:53

Yes, but with NO handles there's no effing around, no jumping out when you're nopt ready etc

harrogatemum Fri 11-Mar-05 20:50:45

hub2dee - my DH has a Saab convertible - he takes the roof down to get the DTs in!

hub2dee Fri 11-Mar-05 22:43:17

Hiya Harrogate,

Yes, with the roof down everything is easy, and everyone is having fun... but I haven't had the hood down for what feels like 5 or 6 months and doing it in the rain sounds bloomin orrible.

No problem in California though. Hmmm...

hub2dee Fri 11-Mar-05 22:45:47

Davros - haven't you gone in for the foot and hand binding then ?

I thought that was what Isofix was all about ? You kind of tether the child to a fitting on the back seat, go and do the shopping, come back and they haven't budged.

xavier Sat 12-Mar-05 11:08:29

Hi Davros, thanks for that, yes please could you ask DH for more info, also my DH wants to know if its a Porsche 911 - who knows perhaps they could start a daddys and DD's driving club - give us a bit of piece! thanks

highlander Mon 14-Mar-05 04:12:55

please, please, oh pretty please delete this thread now before DH sees it

He's got his heart set on a Porsche Boxter when we get back to the UK and I'm trying to put him off with the 'you'll never get a car seat in the back' arguement.

Twiglett Mon 14-Mar-05 06:47:22

I thought the main problem with convertibles (2 or 4 door) was that you just can't fit the buggy plus other paraphenalia in the boot too

its not just about the car seat its about the buggy, changing bag, if you're going to stay at friends travel cot

all things to consider I would have thought

Twiglett Mon 14-Mar-05 06:48:42

I actually once turned down a Porsche Boxter as a company car

thought it might make me a bit of a target in sunny Tooting

Davros Mon 14-Mar-05 12:00:13

A Porsche Boxster only has TWO seats DH used to have one of those and I preferred it to the 911, something very decadent about a 2 seater convertible. Yeah, you couldn't expect to get a big pushchair in a 922 but those weird boot spaces are surprisingly copious (to quote local estate agent). Xavier, DH definitely gets Britax Freeway in back of 911. I'll quiz him again in case there's something different about the model but I know its a 911 of some sort and not very old.

Davros Mon 14-Mar-05 12:00:49

Not 922, 911. fingers on wrong keys!

advocateofthedevil Mon 16-May-05 12:43:56


Lucycat Mon 16-May-05 12:46:44

lol AOTD!!!

my knackered little Fiat Punto will feel very inferior if I let her read this thread - (see how talented my car is! )

advocateofthedevil Mon 16-May-05 12:48:48

thing is - does it matter? some people have porsches, bwms etc and some people have more humble fiats and fords.

happylobster Wed 27-Aug-08 16:11:14

I'm prob a bit late to add to this thread but we have a Saab convertible and use a Maxi Cosi cabriofix with easybase. It's great, you just dump the carseat in the back with baby in and it just clicks into place! My prob is that she's nearly outgrown it and I've no idea what carseat to get next...any ideas?

arabicabean Thu 28-Aug-08 07:56:14

Davros - Just out of interest how do you get a pushchair into the back of your 911? Mine has the engine in the back and recessed luggage space in the front. Golf clubs don't even fit into the space! Do you put the pushchair into the rear cabin next to the passenger?

We have a 7 month baby and I never even contemplated buying the Porsche seat because I just wouldn't be able to get my pushchair in(I don't like slings). I also have a much larger Merc coupe and the baby does not go into the back of that either (he is in the front in a Merc carseat). It has refinements like the front seats gliding forwards at the touch of a lever, but it really is too much to keep strapping a baby in with very little headroom. Even with this much larger coupe I need to take the wheels off the pushchair and remove the seat unit so that the various parts fit into the boot. I'm pretty dedicated to the car and pushchair to do this on a regular basis!

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