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Is the Rabbit all it's cracked up to be?

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blushingnovice Wed 09-Mar-05 20:42:16

I've heard so much about it (especially here on Mumsnet ) that I think I want to try one. But a, its so expensive and b, in the shop it was classified as one for more experienced users, which I'm defenitely not!

lilyblossom Wed 09-Mar-05 20:45:55


blushingnovice Wed 09-Mar-05 20:50:20

Wht about being inexperienced?

lilyblossom Wed 09-Mar-05 20:51:22

They are very easy to train


blushingnovice Wed 09-Mar-05 20:54:07


LGJ Wed 09-Mar-05 20:55:24

Ok wont change my name for this ............just somebody post a thread

LGJ Wed 09-Mar-05 20:56:09

Sorry, should have said please

kama Wed 09-Mar-05 20:57:02

Message withdrawn

blushingnovice Wed 09-Mar-05 20:57:25

I don't understand.

Blossomhill Wed 09-Mar-05 20:57:57

Oh god YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

blushingnovice Wed 09-Mar-05 20:58:20

Meant for LGJ. Do you think I should use my regular name? I'm too shy to.

lou33 Wed 09-Mar-05 21:07:57

oh, yes, it's great, best of my lot .

lou33 Wed 09-Mar-05 21:08:46

get your dh to help you use it.

blushingnovice Wed 09-Mar-05 21:11:33


I'm not sure I dare to ask, but how?

Catbert Wed 09-Mar-05 21:16:18

It's very. Erm. Well...


Got one for Christmas.

Have a funny story about it...

blushingnovice Wed 09-Mar-05 21:17:18


Catbert Wed 09-Mar-05 21:23:21

OK... Decided to give it a go "solo" one evening, whilst DH was out for the evening. Forgot to shut the door to my bedroom. Not got that far, but experimenting with various "levels" , when DD1 starts crying. When I went in she says to me "Mummy... BEES are coming... BEES are coming..."...

It's only when I returned to my bedroom I realised she had heard the buzzing...

Oh the shame and embarassment...

It wasn't so bad but when I confessed to DH (because it WAS funny, and I had to share the experience) - all he could to was p* himself laughing and say "Yep - bees were coming - but mummy wasn't hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!"... Bastard.

lou33 Wed 09-Mar-05 21:23:49

he can put it in and control it, give it a jiggle about

blushingnovice Wed 09-Mar-05 21:25:54

Oh. I am very inexperienced .

blushingnovice Wed 09-Mar-05 21:26:37

LOL Catbert. or ?

Blossomhill Wed 09-Mar-05 21:28:13

Get one. You'll never be the same again

sallystrawberry Wed 09-Mar-05 21:34:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Blossomhill Wed 09-Mar-05 21:35:22

Well the RR has many different uses. Just play around with it...

Blossomhill Wed 09-Mar-05 21:35:56

BTW I only get mine out about 2/3 times a year otherwise I get greedy Oh and dh feels inadequate

sallystrawberry Wed 09-Mar-05 21:36:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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