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help - slings -opinions please

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QueenFee Tue 28-Oct-08 19:08:37

I want to get a sling for DD no 3 I had a carrier type before which was heavy and gave me back / neck ache.

I want either a ring sling or one of the wrap sort (Not sure of proper name blush) as I also want to use it for breastfeeding.

Which sling did you find best for weight distribution and comfort.

I need it to be comfortable to wear long enough to do the school run.

omgidbi Wed 29-Oct-08 12:49:18

I thoroughly recommend Moby Wrap it's really really REALLY comfortable.

sasamax Thu 30-Oct-08 11:06:17

I'd agree prob a wrap is most comfortable. Takes a while to get the hang of though - stretchy one (moby/hugabug etc) is easier than a woven one. You can breastfeed but quite annoying. A ring sling will really hurt your shoulder and isn't really hands free a lot of the time. When baby is a bit bigger you can progress to a mei tai type carrier which is better for baby (sitting rather than hanging position) and more comfortable for you than a baby bjorn type one.

If you want just one from birth to toddler then prob an ergo would be your best bet (with infant insert) - as far as I know it's quite easy to breastfeed in. I'm still trying to get one myself so can't comment further but gets v good reviews.

omgidbi Thu 30-Oct-08 20:37:33

I have an Ergo too and love it for an older baby, from about 5 months but I don't think it socmes close to the Moby for a newborn - you need both! :P

IAteDavinaForDinner Thu 30-Oct-08 20:40:49

I had a Kari-Me (very similar to a Moby - which is also great, I gave one to a relative as a gift and it seemed lovely) - they are wonderful, I don't understand why they aren't more widely used. It makes tough days bearable and we're still using ours now (DS is 15 months). The great thing with a wrap is that you can adjust it however you like so the weight distribution is perfect for you. As for how long you can wear them - I wore mine all day every day for months.

cthea Thu 30-Oct-08 20:42:41

QueenFee - what age gap do you have between DCs? I found I just couldn't use a sling with DD2 as I used to with DD1, just practicalities. There's 2.5 years difference between them.

cuttingmeownthroatdibblaaaargh Thu 30-Oct-08 20:43:09

I used a ring sling for a long time with no problems - a good one spreads the load out over a large area, and it was hands free (although I liked to cuddle DS in it). I bf'd in it with no problems.

I wasn't that keen on the Ergo, but love MeiTais.

You can buy second hand on the Yahoo group UKBabywearingSwap for a lot less than new, so you can try a variety - or find a SlingMeet near you and go and try some on

QueenFee Thu 30-Oct-08 21:18:24

My DS will be nearly 3 with my first 2 I had a double buggy but really don't think I need one this time and a sling seems so much more convenient when helping a 5 and 3 year old into school!
I always felt with my last carrier that I couldnt let go of bubs which I didnt like.

MuddlingThru Thu 30-Oct-08 21:37:42

I have a huggababy for ds2 who is 11 weeks. ds1 is 3.4 and dd has just turned 2 so still need the double buggy for them (ds1 is just toooooo slooow and pre-school too far for him to walk all the way). I have found it to be fab. It is possible to bf handsfree. The other day someone had let the air out of one of the tyres so i was pushing 2 toddlers in a pushchair with a flat tyre whilst bf ds3(not easy but possible, the instructions show the bf position with their head away from the rings but I do it with his head next to the rings). On pre-school days ds2 spends probably about 2.5 hours in it and I haven't had any backache so far.

BashfulSpookyHappy Thu 30-Oct-08 21:46:40

I LOVE LOVE LOVE wrap slings. Did I mention that I love them?! grin DD2 was a velcro baby and I needed to have her in a sling all day every day for the first few months. My friend gave me her Hug a Bub and it was amazing! She was so snug, close and happy in there, and it was so comfortable. Now she's bigger (from about 6mo) I found that the jersey fabric stretched too much under her weight and I couldn't get the fit quite right. So I bought myself a Calin Bleu - same thing but in a more rigid woven fabric, and I still carry her everywhere in it.

I love my Ergo too, and use it for dog walking every day since with the dogs I prefer to have her on my back and it's easier/ more comfortable to do a back carry with the Ergo. But I find it's too bulky around the house - strictly for outside only.

People comment on my wrap sling all the time - how cozy DD2 looks, and how easy it is to get her to sleep in there. If you do a face-to-back carry, you just tuck her head into the shoulder fabric and she's got a head support and curtains for her nap. She'll sleep for hours in here.

I haven't tried breastfeeding in it, but I hear it's quite easy - just loosen the knot to lower baby to breast, then tighten up again when you're done.

I don't rate ring slings at all - I had one with DD1 and hated it. I got such sore shoulders and she fell out of it once was I was adjusting it! shock

BashfulSpookyHappy Thu 30-Oct-08 21:48:08

Um, face-to-face carry, not face-to-back! blush

sasamax Thu 30-Oct-08 21:54:29

omgidbi and bashful: stop showing off that you have ergos or I will have to steal them from you and render you ergo-less! grin lololol

chilledmama Thu 30-Oct-08 22:00:25

If you want 1 wrap that will last from newborn and have the strength to back carry when they are toddlers then you need a Woven Wrap...Didymos tend to get the best write ups...try bigmamaslings for all the possibilities but I've met a disappointed Didymos wearer.

Ergo v.difficult to BF in unless you are crazily supple and have littler norks than me wink

QueenFee Thu 30-Oct-08 22:53:24

Has anyone here ever made their own wrap sling. Looking a it it looks fairly simple? I think I am edging towards the wrap for versitility (sp?)
£ is an issue so would save me some money, but wouldnt want to do that if its just going to be useless if you know what I mean. hmm

omgidbi Fri 31-Oct-08 08:58:51

sasamax I can't stop showing off about my ergo because it is fabbydabby. When I bought it I got 10% off with a code SMILE not sure if it still works, but might be worth a try!

WindUpBird Fri 31-Oct-08 11:36:01

I can highly recommend the Close Baby Carrier. I used it every day till DS was 4.5 months. I found it much easier to put on an off than the moby-style wrap slings. Now I use a Manduca. It's similar to the Ergo (slightly cheaper, from Bigmamaslings as mentioned above) and can be used from newborn. I love it, but don't know how good it is from newborn as I didn't have it then.
Everyone I know with moby-style wraps now seem to be switching to mei-tais or soft-structured carriers (like ergo or manduca) once their babies get a bit bigger...Maybe you do need two??

chilledmama Fri 31-Oct-08 13:15:35

Fairly crucial here

My last post should have read...

but I've NEVER met a disappointed Didymos wearer

chilledmama Fri 31-Oct-08 13:22:21

I have a moby for newborn and a beko for when big enough to back carrying...

If I knew now what I did then I would only buy 1 and it would be the Didymos.

Occasionally you see them on e-bay or at NCT nearly new sales...that's how I got my 1st carrier (wilkinet for £4!!!)

Ask on a thread here if anyone is selling/wants to sell one...if you don't ask, you definately wont get!

Good luck.

WhereWolfTheWildThingsWere Fri 31-Oct-08 13:32:06

I have an Ergo, a Tricotti, a Ellaroo wrap and a Maya Wrap ring sling.

They are all good, Dh uses the Ergo far more than me, the Tricotti is fab when they are newborn, the ring sling is good for bf and for 'popping on and off', great tin the house.

The wrap is by far my all time favourite, however I think it would have had me in tears trying to use it with a newborn, they have a very steep learning curve!

Added to that a stretchy wrap is much better for a young baby, but a woven wrap is far superior in terms of support once thay get any weight to them.

I can still carry my four year old in the Ergo or the Wrap (or the ring sling at a push!)

If you can only afford one then you really need to 'try before you buy'.
I think BigMama used to do something along those lines.

Hth and isn't just very confusing!

claireyBOOOO Fri 31-Oct-08 13:44:35

I had a wrap with ds and wore it probably 18-20 hours out of every 24 for the first 5 months (velcro non sleeper who was only comforted by being in the wrap).

Breastfeeding in it took a while to get used to but I used to take him out (leaving the sling tied on) then just pop him back in sideways, if he fell asleep I'd leave him as he was, otherwise I'd return him to the upright position once he finished feeding.

My first wrap was a Calin Bleu fleece and was (is) so so comfortable that I bought 2 more wraps, a moby and a calin bleu gauze. Both were cooler around the house than the fleece but the calin bleu gauze was slightly less comfortable-however it became perfect once ds got a bit bigger and supported himself more rather than snuggling into me and feels more secure for back carries.

I can still wear him in any of the wraps at 10 months and 9.4kg though the stretchy ones need to be tied a little tighter than they used to.

I do however also have a babyhawk that I use for quicker back carries or when I'm going to be putting him in or out of the sling a lot-although the wrap is easy to do with practice it does take a little longer (but the comfort is worth it, esp if he will be staying in there a while)

omgidbi Fri 31-Oct-08 14:03:58

Sorry, should have added that 10% code SMILE is for and it said on email could be used for any purchase over £20, expires 31.12.08 so should still be working.

I tried a woven wrap that my friend had which was so pretty (not a didymos somethign else german sounding) but I didn;t find it as easy as the Moby. because the moby was stretchy i could just tie it on and pop baby in and out without retying or taking it off everytime, but the heavier woven one i had to keep tying, while also holding wriggly baby. I couldn't have coped with that when DD was small and trying to keep hold of marauding toddler too!

sasamax Fri 31-Oct-08 21:53:41

Thanks omgidbi - I will check that out as i've almost decided to just cough up and buy one - I am SSSOOOOO excited about it. Was the wrap called a storch by any chance?

Queenfee - I think the problem with making your own is that you just can't get the right quality of fabric - you can do it but v hard to get it as good and since you need to buy 5m or so, it doesn't save you money usually.

Yorky Fri 31-Oct-08 22:10:30

Another vote for the close baby carrier, the comfort of a wrap but much easier to get on!

sasamax Fri 31-Oct-08 22:46:24

I just bought an ergo blush
I am the most excited person in the whole world grin grin grin

Thanks omgidbi for the tip smile

QueenFee Sun 02-Nov-08 20:02:35

Thanks sasamax with a bit of research I have come to that conclusion. I have decided on a wrap sling. I figure I can practice with a doll before bubs is born?
Just have to decide which one now grin

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