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So, one year on, are you glad you bought a Wii?

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Cadelaide Mon 27-Oct-08 08:17:00

Should we get one this Christmas?

DCs are 7 and 9.

watsthestory Mon 27-Oct-08 08:18:57

Message withdrawn

Cadelaide Mon 27-Oct-08 08:19:32

Aah, now this thread could be useful grin

LostProphet Mon 27-Oct-08 08:21:03


We got the thing the day they came out <married to geek emoticon>

It gathers dust.

The 360 which we sold to get it was much more used, and the new 360 we bought last xmas because I whinged so much is still much more used than the wii.

watsthestory Mon 27-Oct-08 08:21:10

Message withdrawn

watsthestory Mon 27-Oct-08 08:22:59

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl Mon 27-Oct-08 08:23:40

Message withdrawn

filz Mon 27-Oct-08 08:26:17

i like it but i am perpetually frustrated that all 'new' games, for example the wii fit, is over hyped and completely NOT available. FRUSTRATING

thegrowlyghost Mon 27-Oct-08 08:27:42

Had a bit of a lull a while ago but playing with it again - and looking forward (like a saddo) to the Star Wars lightsabre fighty one.

ladytophamhatt Mon 27-Oct-08 08:29:39


it causes far too many arguments.

CharleeInChains Mon 27-Oct-08 08:31:27

We rarely use our's but dp loves his games and mastly plays the xbox 360. I do use Wii Fit though, and i hear there are loads of new games coming out to use the wii fit board. smile

NotQuiteCockney Mon 27-Oct-08 08:32:54

I use it a fair bit - mostly for music games. (Rockband at the moment.) DS1 (7) prefers PC games, particularly Command and Conquer type ones.

filz Mon 27-Oct-08 08:34:30

is rockband good then?

CharleeInChains Mon 27-Oct-08 08:35:42

Rock band is way better on the Xbox 360 imo, i just traded it in though to buy fable 2.

It is really good if you get the drums and guitar though. smile

TskullsScreaming Mon 27-Oct-08 08:36:50

We dc use ours all the time.

NotQuiteCockney Mon 27-Oct-08 08:38:51

I love rockband. May be better on the xbox, but we don't have one of those. We have the drums and the guitar and the mic. Thinking about a second guitar, if we do any 'have people around to play rockband' things.

Personally, I'm hooked on the drums.

TheJackoLanternMuggle Mon 27-Oct-08 08:39:15

we love ours, and i've brought my DD the singstar for it for xmas!

LoveMyGirls Mon 27-Oct-08 08:40:00

I'm glad we got ours.

The kids do use it slightly more than we do, but I love my wii fit when I'm in the mood (need to do it more)

Beadgirl Mon 27-Oct-08 08:46:13

we use ours every day but it has been limited since day one.
dd is 12 and ds is 9 and they are allowed 30 mins each; sometimes they choose to have it together so get an hour. they sort themselves out - kitchen timer at the ready.
maybe limiting it has made it all the more appealing.

current favourite is Mariokart although wii fit is creeping back in.

have ordered Family Trainer for us all for Christmas

we don't have anyhting else to compare it with, no DS, no Xbox. (and no intention of getting them despite DS claiming that he is the only person in the school without a DS grin )

would definitaly recommend it.

PillowOfDOOM Mon 27-Oct-08 08:47:57

Trinity and I both got one last xmas and LOVE it.

If we're not on mine then we're on hers grin

I got wii fit for my birthday and we all love it too grin

judgenutmeg Mon 27-Oct-08 08:52:45

Five minute wonder here so I shall be ebaying ours plus fitboard and accessories before Christmas if it remains unused. The children did use it on rainy afternoons last winter so I will give it another month.

SpookyButNice Mon 27-Oct-08 08:54:48

We had a Wii which we used sporadically - when we came back from the US we had to sell it (as it wouldn't work in the UK) and haven't bothered to replace it.

Kids would love it, but I do think it's over-hyped a bit. Much prefer the Xbox but that's not as kid friendly on the whole.

TheDuchessOfNorksDied Mon 27-Oct-08 08:58:07

Yes get one! We use it 2 or 3 times a week. We like it's inclusive nature, in that the DCs usually play together rather than singly.

DS1 (5yo) is obsessed with Lego Star Wars, he prefers it when one of his sisters plays too.

DD2 (4yo) loves fishing & cow-racing on WiiGames.

DD1 (7yo) and I like tennis & Harry Potter and have both put Rockband on our Christmas lists.

WhizzzingAroundOnABroomstick Mon 27-Oct-08 09:01:02

We still love ours. We all prefer the sport based games rather than platform type (still use PC for those sorts of games). We have Wii Fit & quite a few sporty type games.

I want the Family Trainer with the mat next or maybe Family Ski to go with the Balance board

purplemonkeydishwasher Mon 27-Oct-08 09:04:09

here's a rather silly question.
I get motion sickness really easily (like if things move around on the screen too much. watch home movies usually ends up witha trip to the loo)
is the Wii like that? will it just make me want to vomit?

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